Medieval halberds are polearms crafted with a spiked axe blade mounted on a long shaft and a hook or thorn on the reverse side of the blade. Due to this three-part design, halberds were intended to slice, thrust, and hook opponents in battle. We offer both functional and decorative halberds here at Buying a Sword. We have ornamental halberds and similar weapons here, such as bardiches, poll axes, bills, and glaives, as well as their battle ready counterparts. Our decorative halberds make great theatrical props and unique home decor. Functional halberds and other medieval pole arms are made of high quality materials like iron, carbon steel, and hardwood to help them stand up to the rigors of combat. Peruse our selection of halberd pole weapons to find the perfect piece for your medieval weapon arsenal or for your medieval home decor.
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Utility Axe

Item # XB2078
Unlike the sword, which is purely a weapon of war, the axe is an item that has uses in both war and peace. This medieval Utility Axe is a perfect example in that regard, possessing form enough to useful during both.

War Dragon Naginata

Item # MC-JS-667
The emperor has declared war on a nearby kingdom. You have joined the imperial army. The War Dragon Naginata hangs on the wall, revealing your skill. It adds a touch of ferocity to any decor. Display it in your home or office.

European Warhammer Poleaxe

Item # AH-4132
During the Medieval Age, knights reigned supreme as some of the best warriors on the field. To counter these heavily armored warriors, polearms, like this European Warhammer Poleaxe, were used to smash through armor.