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  • Emerald Gemstreak LARP Short Sword – Normal

    $268.00 Add to Bag

    Elevate your LARP or cosplay experience with the Emerald Gemstreak LARP Short Sword. Experience the thrill of battle, the drama of fantasy role-playing, and the enjoyment of immersive cosplay.

  • Dungeons & Dragons Waterdeep LARP Sword

    $110.00 Add to Bag

    Imagine standing as a member of the City Watch, defending the streets against lurking dangers. With this Dungeons & Dragons Waterdeep LARP Sword in hand, you’re in the heart of the Sword Coast, ready to protect and serve.

  • Ol’elghinn Dark Elf LARP Sword – Sapphire

    $244.00 Add to Bag

    Elegant and mysterious, the Sapphire Ol’elghinn Dark Elf LARP Sword suits the hands of rangers, dark elves, assassins, rogues, and more. Its subtle dark fantasy style makes it a versatile option for all kinds of LARP settings.

  • Princess Xenthia LARP Sword

    $191.50 Add to Bag

    Explore an enchanting world of magic with the Princess Xenthia LARP Sword – an officially licensed replica straight from Witcher III! Seize the power of Princess Xenthias blade and become the hero or heroine of your own saga.

  • Scipio II Roman Gladius LARP Sword

    $136.00 Add to Bag

    Behold the Scipio II Roman Gladius LARP Sword – a mighty weapon that channels the strength and bravery of ancient Rome, now wielded by passionate enthusiasts and LARP warriors alike. Elevate your LARP adventures to legendary status.

  • Maul Cosplay LARP Katana

    $177.00 Add to Bag

    Immerse yourself in epic battles and heroic quests with the Maul Cosplay LARP Katana by your side, ready to unleash your inner warrior spirit. Own a piece of the future, and make your mark in the world of LARP.

  • Harbinger II LARP Sword

    $155.00 Add to Bag

    Introducing the Harbinger II LARP Sword – a masterpiece that transcends mere role-playing to become an artifact of awe-inspiring legend. Allow it to transform your next role-playing experience into an epic saga worthy of legend.

  • Eventide LARP Greatsword – 150cm

    $149.85 Add to Bag

    Behold the Eventide LARP Greatsword – an epic 150cm masterpiece, crafted to elevate your LARPing experience to legendary status. Embrace the legend. Unlock your potential. Your epic saga is just beginning.

  • Mercenary LARP Sword – Vanguard – 100 cm

    $62.10 Add to Bag

    Introducing the 100 cm Vanguard Mercenary LARP Sword: a majestic piece of artistry inspired by the valiant medieval longswords that heralded the tales of yore. Embrace the legacy of medieval longswords and bring your character to life.

  • Jarl LARP Sword – Vanguard – 85 cm

    $57.60 Add to Bag

    Embark on a grand adventure in the realm of valor and legends with the formidable Vanguard Jarl LARP Sword, measuring a striking 85 cm. Join the ranks of legendary heroes and make your mark on history.

  • Ranger LARP Sword – Vanguard – 95 cm

    $66.60 Add to Bag

    Experience the legendary heights of LARP with the 95 cm Vanguard Ranger LARP Sword: a blade that seamlessly blends history, durability, and craftsmanship. It is more than just a LARP sword—it is an essential companion for every medieval or fantasy battle.

  • Duelist LARP Sword – Vanguard – Black – 85 cm

    $57.60 Add to Bag

    Embark on a thrilling journey filled with epic battles and grand adventures with the 85 cm Black Vanguard Duelist LARP Sword. Brace yourself for an immersive experience like no other!

  • Duelist LARP Sword – Vanguard – Light Wood/Gold – 85 cm

    $57.60 Add to Bag

    The 85 cm Light Wood/Gold Vanguard Duelist LARP Sword seamlessly blends the grace of historical armaments with the demands of contemporary LARPing. Prepare to embark on epic adventures with style and finesse!

  • Rillet LARP Rapier – Vanguard – Black – 85 cm

    $62.10 Add to Bag

    Unleash your inner warrior and experience the thrill of wielding the 85 cm Black Vanguard Rillet LARP Rapier, designed to bring your LARP experience to new heights of authenticity and excitement.

  • Rillet LARP Rapier – Vanguard – Light Wood/Gold – 85 cm

    $62.10 Add to Bag

    Behold the exquisite 85 cm Vanguard Rillet LARP Rapier, crafted with finesse in a stunning light wood/gold finish. This piece is tailored for the most discerning LARPers and medieval enthusiasts.

  • Gim LARP Sword – Vanguard – 100 cm

    $66.60 Add to Bag

    Step into the realm of battle with elegance and poise, wielding the 100 cm Vanguard Gim LARP Sword. Elevate your arsenal with this exquisite weapon, embodying strength, resilience, and artistry.

  • Hirdsman LARP Sword – Vanguard – 85 cm

    $57.60 Add to Bag

    Introducing the Hirdsman LARP Sword from the Vanguard Line, measuring a striking 85 cm. This exquisite masterpiece is crafted for the fearless and gallant, showcasing unparalleled artistry and design.

  • Ol’elghinn Dark Elf LARP Sword – Opal

    $244.00 Add to Bag

    Seeking a weapon that suits the realms of shadow as well as light? The Opal Ol’elghinn Dark Elf LARP Sword fits dark elf warriors and sleek sword fighters. Its detailed yet subtle fantasy style suits all kinds of settings.

  • Dark Blood LARP Katana – Red – 44 Inches

    $276.00 Add to Bag

    Whether through dark ritual or demonic might, you carve a trail of devastation when you enter the fray. The Red Dark Blood LARP Katana makes the perfect LARP weapon for those seeking a wicked fantasy style for their roleplay kits.

  • Heroic Laser LARP Sword – 100 cm

    Original price was: $102.60.Current price is: $61.80. Add to Bag

    You can fight against the dark forces of the empire with the 100 cm Heroic Laser LARP Sword in hand. It is perfect for a LARP battle. When you want to fight as a space knight, take on your dark galactic enemies with this rebel LARP sword.

  • Villainous Laser LARP Sword – 100 cm

    Original price was: $37.80.Current price is: $22.80. Add to Bag

    Fight for the empire and take down those pesky rebel space knights by wielding the 100 cm Villainous Laser LARP Sword in battle. It is ideal for any dark emperor on the battlefield at a LARP event or at a cosplay convention.

  • Assassin’s LARP Saber – 32 Inches

    $216.00 Add to Bag

    Fulfill your mission with deadly style and without a sound. The Assassin’s LARP Saber calls to mind dark elves, secret pacts, and shadow magic. This fantasy LARP short sword suits close settings that call for quick and subtle strikes.

  • Orcish LARP Saber – 40 Inches

    $380.00 Add to Bag

    When you need to slash and chop your way through the fight, choose the Orcish LARP Saber. With its wide, battle-weathered blade and spiky guard, this foam LARP sword looks perfect in the hands of trolls, barbarians, raiders, and more.

  • Engraved Dark Blood LARP Katana – Red – 44 Inches

    $380.00 Add to Bag

    Speak the incantation and let your dark fury devastate the battlefield. The Red Engraved Dark Blood LARP Katana makes a worthy accomplice for all your fiendish tasks. Devilish details lend this Japanese fantasy LARP katana a wicked look.

  • Elven LARP Saber – 40 Inches

    $340.00 Add to Bag

    A warrior of the forest, your weapons reflect your devotion. The Elven LARP Saber makes a magnificent addition to the LARP kit of elven warriors, druids, and more. This fantasy LARP sword features gorgeous ethereal detail.

  • Evil LARP Scimitar – 40 Inches – Normal

    $340.00 Add to Bag

    Reach out from the shadows with something that suits your sinister style. The long Evil LARP Scimitar brings devastating slashing action to LARP play alongside superior construction, heightened maneuverability, and skeletal detail.

  • Evil LARP Scimitar – 36 Inches – Normal

    $260.00 Add to Bag

    If wicked slashing action is what you seek, choose the Evil LARP Scimitar. Whether you take the role of a necromancer, orc, dark warrior, or even a resourceful rogue, this foam LARP sword makes the perfect companion.

  • Duelist LARP Sword – Red – 100 cm

    Original price was: $108.90.Current price is: $66.00. Add to Bag

    Huzzah! A rival has challenged you to a fierce and mighty sword fight. Pick up the Red 100 cm Duelist LARP Sword and begin your battle! It is the perfect sword for those who prefer a refined weapon, such as noble swordfighters, musketeers, and dashing rogues.

  • Agrippa III LARP Sword

    $197.00 Add to Bag

    Charming the royal court with a smile, none would guess at your quickness with the blade. The Agrippa III LARP Sword is the perfect LARP weapon for nobles, swordfighters, and musketeers. Its slender blade is combined with ornate handle.

  • Warlord LARP Sword – 85 cm

    $75.60 Add to Bag

    No need to sacrifice style for might! The Warlord LARP Sword looks like it has emerged from an ancient Viking treasure and makes a magnificent companion for any jarl or shieldmaiden. Claim your destiny and wield this Norse LARP blade with pride!

  • Warlord LARP Sword – 60 cm

    $65.70 Add to Bag

    Looking for a LARP weapon that has gorgeous detail, historical flair, and – most importantly – a mighty blade? The Warlord LARP Sword has all three. This latex-foam sword is fit for jarls, Valkyries, and other legendary heroes of Norse myth.

  • Warlord LARP Sword – 100 cm

    $81.00 Add to Bag

    Fit for a jarl, the Warlord LARP Sword merges intricate, antique gold detail with Viking inspiration, creating a LARP sword that suits Nordic lords and Valkyries alike. This powerful Norse blade brings nobility and might to the battlefield!

  • LARP Rapier Rillet – Red – 90cm

    $95.40 Add to Bag

    If you play a noble character, add elegance to your adventure with the Red LARP Rapier Rillet. This Renaissance LARP sword suits royal guards, musketeers, and more. It looks perfectly at home in historically inspired settings.

  • LARP Rapier Rillet – Red – 115cm

    $99.90 Add to Bag

    The LARP Rapier Rillet in Red would look right at home in the hands of a noble sword fighter or even wielded by royalty. Elegant detail and a sleek, long blade combine to create a Renaissance LARP weapon that stands out from the rest.

  • LARP Rapier Rillet – Ivory – 115cm

    $99.90 Add to Bag

    Need a weapon that reflects your status, charm, and quick wittedness? Choose the Ivory LARP Rapier Rillet for your next companion. With its long, sleek blade and ornate hilt, this Renaissance LARP sword combines elegance and swiftness.

  • LARP Rapier Rillet – Ivory – 100cm

    $95.40 Add to Bag

    Whether you are the skilled captain of the royal guard or a stylish swashbuckler, the LARP Rapier Rillet in Ivory is perfect for nobles and Renaissance characters. Add a dash of finery as well as quick maneuvering to your LARP kit.

  • Curved Elven LARP Sword – 105cm

    $108.90 Add to Bag

    Protector of the woodland realms, you favor swift and subtle strikes when keeping the peace in your forests. Wield an ethereal edge with the Curved Elven LARP Sword. This fantasy LARP weapon suits sylvan elves, royals, mages, and more.

  • Duelist LARP Sword – Red – 60cm

    Original price was: $90.00.Current price is: $54.14. Add to Bag

    With elegance and craft, you move through the royal courts with ease, no one guessing at your hidden skills. The Duelist LARP Sword in Red is the perfect weapon for those who prefer a refined weapon, such as noble swordfighters, musketeers, and dashing rogues.

  • Duelist LARP Sword – Ivory – 60cm

    Original price was: $90.00.Current price is: $54.14. Add to Bag

    Charming and quick, none would guess at your wicked skills with the Duelist LARP Sword in Ivory. Paired with an ornate hilt, this short, sleek blade perfectly suits characters ranging from Renaissance nobles to swashbucklers and rogues.

  • Sapphire Gemstreak LARP Long Sword – Notched

    $300.00 Add to Bag

    The sounds of the battle seem to fade away as you concentrate and prepare your spell. The Notched Sapphire Gemstreak LARP Long Sword makes the perfect companion weapon for battlemages, wizards, and sorcerers unafraid to wield a blade.

The classic LARP weapon, LARP swords come in a wide variety of styles to suit any character type. At Buying a Sword, we provide an unbeatable selection of foam latex swords including LARP claymores, LARP rapiers, LARP gladiuses, LARP scimitars, LARP sabers, LARP cutlasses, LARP longswords, LARP bastard swords, LARP dirks, and many, many more. Along with our medieval LARP swords, our collection features eye-catching LARP fantasy swords. A number of our pieces are inspired by popular Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones weapons. All of our LARP weapons are crafted with durability in mind. Many of them are virtually maintenance free, while being made to withstand many temperatures and types of weather. While safety will always remain a concern in battle, these LARP blades offer the most reliable experience possible with their flexible cores, Kevlar tip protection, and quality latex coatings. Outfit yourself for your next battle using the fine role-playing swords at Buying a Sword!

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