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So now that you have got a sword, the question is, what do you do with it? Well, the obvious answer to that question is, you use it. Or you can display it. But in doing either, you are going to find that you might need a few other things, too, and that is why Buying a Sword carries such a diverse array of sword accessories, so that sword-owners can find all that they might need, right here in one convenient place. If you chose to display it, you open up a wide variety of new questions, mostly depending on how you want to display it. Do you want to hang it on a wall, with some decorative wall hangers? Would you rather, instead, display it on a sword plaque? Or perhaps you would prefer to set it on a stand, within easy reach, should you need to grab it for more active use? Either way, you will find that Buying a Sword has a great selection of sword plaques and sword hangers for wall display, as well as great sword stands for table-top and floor display. We even offer Japanese sword stands, made specifically for the katana, as well as larger sword stands that make showing off even a large collection easy! And for those who wish to use their sword as well, we also offer various sword care products, including sharpeners, waxes, and full maintenance kits so that you can keep your sword looking and performing its very best, after each and every use. We even offer replacement blades for some swords, so that if anything accidental does happen, you can replace the blade and keep using that sword that has served you well for your career as a swordfighter! This is one section that any sword-owner should definitely visit, as it holds pretty much everything you could need to look after your sword. So if you are grabbing a sword from Buying a Sword, do not forget to check out this section as well. And if you have got one already, then you have come to the right place, because our sword accessories section is filled with top-notch items that are perfectly suited to treating your decorative or functional sword right.

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