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  • Halfling Sword

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    No matter if you plan on facing a dragon or going on a magical quest, prepare for the dangers you may face with the Halfling Sword. This elven sword makes a great option for any medieval-fantasy adventure.

  • Irish Dagger

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    Experience a slice of history with the beautifully crafted Irish Dagger. It is more than just a weapon; it is a symbol of courage, valor, and an enduring spirit. You are embracing a piece of history,

  • Excalibur – The Sword of Power

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    Inspired by Arthurian legend, the Excalibur Sword of Power is a mighty sword worthy of being wielded by any knight in battle. This sword is ideal for fighting in a historical reenactment. You can also add it to any weapon armoury.

  • Templar Knight Sword

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    Fight for your medieval kingdom with some great style by wielding the Templar Knight Sword against your enemies in battle. This Crusader sword is ideal for historical reenactments. Add it to your armoury.

  • Irish Hand and Half Sword

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    With the Irish Hand and Half Sword, you swiftly break through the enemy lines and claim victory for your army this morn. This sword is great for a historical reenactment or any other medieval battle. Add it to your armoury.

  • Falcata Sword

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    The Falcata Sword is described as one of the most devastating swords that the Romans ever fought against. Looking at the blade, it is not hard to see why, as it utilizes a forward-curving blade design that is proven to be effective.

  • Viking Seax Knife

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    No Viking would be without a knife at their side. The Vikings carried around knives like the Viking Seax Knife with them. You can bring this knife with you on any Viking adventure or Norse journey. It works for a variety of tasks.

  • Knights Riding Sword

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    Knight, when you ride into battle, you know that you must be ready to fend off attacks. You fight your foes with the Knights Riding Sword. You can wield this sword at your next historical reenactment or add it to a weaponry collection.

  • Templar Horseman Axe

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    Not all axes were made for splitting shields and cracking helmets. This Templar Horseman Axe, for instance, is an example of an axe designed to take advantage of speed, possessing a curved blade and spiked poll for added versatility.

  • Hospitaller Dagger

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    Also known as the Order of Saint John, the Knights Hospitaller were one of the most well-known Roman Catholic military orders of the Middle Ages. The Hospitaller Dagger is an impressive weapon designed to honor these medieval knights.

  • Teutonic Crusader Dagger

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    Just like its bigger brother, this this Teutonic Crusader Dagger embodies the look and spirit of the blades that crusaders would have preferred in their holy wars, as they fought to reclaim both land and salvation from their enemies.

  • Hospitaller Sword

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    Designed to be healers as well as warriors, the Knights Hospitaller were one of the most influential Monastic groups of the Crusades. Pay homage to this courageous and honorable group of men with this Hospitaller Sword at your side.

  • Scottish Dirk

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    A direct descendent of the medieval ballock dagger, the Scottish Dirk is a dagger that has historically been intended strictly for fighting, often carried by Scottish military officers and nobles as a sturdy and effective sidearm.

  • Knights Templar Dagger

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    When you are heading out on an adventure, make sure that you have a small blade at your side like the Knights Templar Dagger. This dagger is great for historical reenactments. You can add it to any medieval armoury.

  • Teutonic Knight Crusader Companion Dagger

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    Before you head into battle as a mighty Crusader or Teutonic knight, be ready for attack. Carry the Teutonic Knight Crusader Companion Dagger. You can take this dagger with you to your next historical reenactment.

  • 12th Century Medieval Dagger

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    Are you looking for a dagger to wear with your medieval outfit or Crusader costume? Wield the 12th Century Medieval Dagger in battle. You can take this dagger with you to your next historical reenactment.

  • Celtic Anthropomorphic Sword

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    When you want to fight as a mighty Celtic warrior, you should have the right weapon in hand. Wield the Celtic Anthropomorphic Sword. You can take this sword into battle and fight against your foes at a reenactment.

  • Roman Maintz Gladius Sword

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    Most early versions of the Roman Gladius combined the ability to cut and stab in one handy weapon. The Roman Maintz Gladius Sword carries on that tradition. This sword is fantastic for historical reenactments and for display in your home.

  • Roman Gladius Sword

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    The Gladius was the favored sword of the ancient Roman empire, and there were several types of them. The Roman Gladius Sword is made in the style of the Pompeii Gladius, so named after the city in which the first of its kind was found. This gladius is made from modern materials.

  • Viking Utility Knife

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    If you are looking for a knife that you can take with you on your Viking adventures, make sure to check out the Viking Utility Knife. This knife is great for using around a camp or during day-to-day activities.

  • Sgian Dubh

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    Are you dressing up as a Scottish Highlander? If you are, you should not forget to include a blade like the Sgian Dubh with your look. A collector of knives and blades will certainly find this functional dagger to be a great acquisition.

Leading the way in the affordable sword market, Legacy Arms produces high quality functional swords, daggers, and axes for historical weapons enthusiasts. Formerly known as Generation 2, Legacy Arms is known for its well-crafted high carbon steel swords with tempered blades and tangs peened over the pommel. Here at Buying a Sword, we carry an excellent array of Legacy Arms weapons like Roman swords, Viking daggers, Scottish claymores, medieval axes, and oriental blades. These robust historical replicas are made with authenticity in mind, making them ideal for collectors as well as re-enactors. In addition to historical designs, Legacy Arms also makes excellent fantasy weapons including functional and decorative swords. Certain pieces are inspired by fantasy tales such as Lord of the Rings and the legends of King Arthur. Especially when considering the quality of these pieces, this array of Legacy Arms products is an economical choice when creating your home armory!

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