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Live action role-playing offers the excitement of battle with the increased safety of foam latex weapons. Here at Buying a Sword, we carry an excellent array of LARP weaponry made by top manufacturers like Calimacil, Epic Armoury, and Palnatoke. Our inventory includes LARP axes, LARP daggers, LARP hammers, LARP maces, LARP oriental swords, LARP spears and staffs, and LARP swords. Many of these LARP weapons feature durable foam coated in latex with Kevlar tip protection and fiberglass cores, which ensures that each piece will have a long life of use. They are weather resistant, virtually maintenance free, and perform well in all temperatures. Our role-playing weapons come in a variety of styles from medieval to fantasy, ensuring that you can find something of interest. No matter what your character, you are sure to be a formidable opponent when wielding one of our high quality LARP weapons!

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