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  • Wooden Medieval Longsword

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    Featuring a ridge line down the center of the blunted blade, this Wooden Medieval Longsword is an excellent choice for practicing two handed swordsmanship techniques and makes an impressive addition to any knight or medieval ensemble.

  • Wooden Jian Sword

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    The Wooden Jian Sword is ideal for practical training in the swordplay typically identified with both Wushu and Tai Chi. Both martial arts consider the jian a typical weapon, thanks to its efficiency and its flexibility as a weapon.

  • Wooden Chinese Broadsword

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    This Wooden Chinese Broadsword takes the form of the oxtail dao. The dao is a well-known and recognizable weapon commonly seen not only in pop culture but in several forms of Chinese-based martial arts, thanks to its versatility.

  • Zulu African Spear

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    The Zulu African Spear is based on the Iklwa, a famous short-staffed, large-bladed spear that carved out one of the greatest early African nations. The spearhead of this weapon is made of tempered high carbon steel.

  • Emerald Gemstreak LARP Short Sword – Normal

    $268.00 Add to Bag

    Elevate your LARP or cosplay experience with the Emerald Gemstreak LARP Short Sword. Experience the thrill of battle, the drama of fantasy role-playing, and the enjoyment of immersive cosplay.

  • Medieval Leather Belt with Knotwork Borders – Green

    $25.00$35.00 Add to Bag

    Add the Green Medieval Leather Belt with Knotwork Borders to your costume collection and let your character stand out at your next event. Step back in time and into character with this authentic, stylish, and durable accessory.

  • Medieval Leather Belt with Knotwork Borders – Brown

    $28.00$35.00 Add to Bag

    Elevate your style and immerse yourself in the allure of the past with the Brown Medieval Leather Belt with Knotwork Borders. It is the perfect finishing touch for your historic ensemble.

  • Witch Queen Elven Sword

    $119.90 Add to Bag

    From attending court to a going on magical quest, the Witch Queen Elven Sword makes an elegant companion weapon to any fantasy outfit. You will surely feel powerful and elegant with this elf queen sword added to your look.

  • Silver Dragon Sword Cane

    $19.00 Add to Bag

    What gentleman or lady could not use a good swagger stick as a part of their attire? This Silver Dragon Sword Cane is more than meets the eye, as its impressive style hides away a handy blade, one that is perfect for self-defense.

  • Wooden Tactical Gladius Sword

    $86.00 Add to Bag

    True Roman soldiers know the value of practicing their skills often. You can use the Wooden Tactical Gladius Sword to improve them. This wooden sword is great for training your skills as a mighty gladiator.

  • Two Handed Medieval Wooden Sword

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    The Two Hand Medieval Practice Sword is your perfect companion for training in medieval combat in a safe manner. A wooden sword allowed a warrior to practice combat safely while preserving his precious steel for the real battle.

  • Bone Grip Swept Hilt Rapier

    $300.00 Add to Bag

    The swept hilt rapier was quite popular in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. This Bone Grip Swept Hilt Rapier is hand forged and has a blade of high carbon steel. The diamond cross section provides firmness and flexibility.

  • Rosewood Layered-Steel Dagger

    $68.00 Add to Bag

    When adding a new dagger into your collection, you do not just want one that works well. You are searching for a functional dagger that also exhibits a unique and eye-catching design, precisely like this Rosewood Layered-Steel Dagger.

  • Silver Spiked Morningstar

    $34.00 Add to Bag

    It is a knights solemn duty to defend the kingdom and its people, and sometimes a sword just will not cut it. Trounce your enemy and crush their armour like a tin can with a knightly weapon such as this Silver Spiked Morningstar!

  • Rosewood Rondel Dagger

    $154.71 Add to Bag

    Inspired by historical examples of the medieval dagger, the Rosewood Rondel Dagger is a specialized weapon rather than a utility blade. The rondel dagger serves as a side arm for piercing mail or slipping through gaps in plate armor.

  • Peltast Javelin Head

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    The Peltasts, or light infantry of ancient Greece, were often armed with light javelins with throwing straps to increase power. The Peltast Javelin Head has been modeled for your use after these lighter, yet still deadly, spears.

  • The Anduril Short Sword

    $320.00$335.00 Add to Bag

    For enthusiasts of exquisite craftsmanship and fantasy lore, the Anduril Short Sword offers an embodiment of both strength and beauty. It is an impeccable choice for collectors or anyone who appreciates the fine blend of artistry and utility in weaponry.

  • Alexandria Dagger

    $245.00$260.00 Add to Bag

    Unsheath the majesty of the past with the Alexandria Dagger, a magnificent piece that perfectly complements the Alexandria Sword. Step back in time and add a touch of historical allure to your collection.

  • The Duke Medieval Dagger

    $245.00$260.00 Add to Bag

    Explore the pages of history with the Duke Medieval Dagger, a blade that heralds its majestic presence right from the annals of medieval chronicles. Add it to your repertoire and own a piece of history today.

  • The Sage Medieval Fantasy Dagger

    $245.00$260.00 Add to Bag

    Unveil the majesty and prowess of the medieval era with the Sage Medieval Fantasy Dagger—a remarkable companion to the esteemed Sage Sword. It is a portal to the past, offering a tangible piece of fantasy and medieval allure.

  • The Squire Medieval Dagger

    $245.00$260.00 Add to Bag

    Step back in time with the unparalleled craftsmanship of the Squire Medieval Dagger, a quintessential piece for any historical enthusiast or collector. Squire today, the hero tomorrow; wield it with honor!

  • The Lawgiver – Norse Viking Axe

    $275.00$300.00 Add to Bag

    In every etching and curve of The Lawgiver – Norse Viking Axe, echoes of Norse mythology resonate. Inspired by Forseti, the Norse god of justice and reconciliation, this meticulously crafted axe brings a slice of Valhalla into your grasp.

  • The Birgen Viking Axe

    $275.00$300.00 Add to Bag

    Enter the epic world of Norse warriors with the Birgen Viking Axe, a tool named after the ancient Norse word for help and protect. Unleash your inner warrior and pay homage to the protectors of old.

  • The Fenrir Viking Axe

    $282.50$307.50 Add to Bag

    Behold, the Fenrir Viking Axe, meticulously forged for the modern-day Viking warrior and the avid collector alike. It is a symbol of strength, a functional tool, and a treasure that embodies the endurance of Norse tales throughout the ages.

  • The Chieftain Dane-Axe

    $282.50$307.50 Add to Bag

    Unleash the valor of the Norsemen with The Chieftain Dane-Axe, a towering tribute to the fearsome warriors of legend. Own not just a tool, but a symbol of Norse valor and artistry.

  • Armoured Knight Sword Hanger

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    You have had a long day. You saved the kingdom, defeated the enemies, and now it is time to go home. Hang your trusty sword up on this Armoured Knight Sword Hanger before you tuck in and get your well-earned beauty sleep!

  • Gold Merlin Sword Cane

    $15.64 Add to Bag

    Within every artifact lies a story, a breath of a time where magic and might ruled the lands. The Gold Merlin Sword Cane is not just a mere accessory but a gateway to the past, blending the majestic allure of fantasy with the practicality of contemporary design.

  • Bronze Merlin Sword Cane

    $15.64 Add to Bag

    Behold the exquisite Bronze Merlin Sword Cane, a remarkable synthesis of elegance, mystique, and utility that captures the essence of fantasy in an elegant piece. It is a must-have for those who dare to venture beyond the mundane into realms of enchantment and adventure.

  • Brandur Viking Pick Axe

    $54.33 Add to Bag

    Check out the Brandur Viking Pick Axe – a remarkable piece that embodies the rugged spirit and prowess of the ancient Viking warriors. This decorative axe is a testament to both the beauty and the ferocity that the Vikings were renowned for.

  • Black Ninja Dagger

    $9.00 Add to Bag

    Unleash the allure of the Black Ninja Dagger as it captivates effortlessly, a silent statement of elegance and power. Invite its mystique and majesty into your world, and hold a piece of history in your hands.

  • Black Ninja Sword Set

    $19.00 Add to Bag

    Unlock a world of mystery, elegance, and tradition with the Black Ninja Sword Set. This set is more than just a decorative addition to your collection – it is a tribute to the legendary skills of the ninja.

  • Foam Excalibur Sword

    $19.00 Add to Bag

    Step into the world of knights and nobles, where legend and lore blend seamlessly with reality, presenting the Foam Excalibur Sword. With every grasp, feel the weight of history in your hands and the call of adventure in your heart.

  • Dorgen II LARP Hammer

    $210.00 Add to Bag

    Step into the realm of fantasy and adventure with the mighty Dorgen II LARP Hammer, a masterwork of craftsmanship and design, tailored for the most discerning LARP warriors. Seize this hammer, and forge your legacy.

  • Pareiesite The Warlock LARP Staff

    $154.50 Add to Bag

    Unleash the dark magic within you with the Pareiesite The Warlock LARP Staff, a majestic tool designed for those who dare to walk the path less traveled. Claim yours and step into your true power, for the path of darkness is paved with the whispers of the old gods.

  • Princess Xenthia LARP Sword

    $191.50 Add to Bag

    Explore an enchanting world of magic with the Princess Xenthia LARP Sword – an officially licensed replica straight from Witcher III! Seize the power of Princess Xenthias blade and become the hero or heroine of your own saga.

  • Scipio II Roman LARP Dagger

    $92.00 Add to Bag

    Experience a historical voyage with the Scipio II Roman LARP Dagger – a masterpiece designed for discerning LARP enthusiasts who value authenticity, resilience, and meticulous craftsmanship.

  • Scipio II Roman Gladius LARP Sword

    $136.00 Add to Bag

    Behold the Scipio II Roman Gladius LARP Sword – a mighty weapon that channels the strength and bravery of ancient Rome, now wielded by passionate enthusiasts and LARP warriors alike. Elevate your LARP adventures to legendary status.

  • Forge LARP Hammer

    $81.00 Add to Bag

    Unleash the might of the ancients with the Forge LARP Hammer, a masterwork of craftsmanship designed for the valiant at heart. Your saga awaits, and with this hammer in hand, your tales will be sung for ages to come.

  • Lonnars LARP Hammer II

    $199.00 Add to Bag

    Meet the Lonnars LARP Hammer II – crafted for supreme realism and excitement, taking your LARPing experience to new levels! Step into your next battle with confidence and style, wielding a weapon that leaves an unforgettable impression on friends and foes alike.

  • Maul Cosplay LARP Katana

    $177.00 Add to Bag

    Immerse yourself in epic battles and heroic quests with the Maul Cosplay LARP Katana by your side, ready to unleash your inner warrior spirit. Own a piece of the future, and make your mark in the world of LARP.

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