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Functional and Decorative Swords

Functional & Decorative Swords

Buying a Sword offers a vast online selection of swords, including LARP weapons and replicas of famous medieval, fantasy, and ceremonial swords. Functional swords encompass various historical styles, from Roman to Japanese, available in sharp or blunted edges for combat. Decorative swords serve as wall decor, display pieces, or costume accessories, with many royal and heroic designs. We stock a range of martial arts training weapons, including wooden swords, and recently added Filipino weapons like Katipunan bolo-tusok, pinute, kris swords, and kris-kalis.
Live Action Roleplay

Live Action Roleplay

For LARP re-enactors, we offer a diverse range of LARP Weapons, Leather Armour, and Accessories. Explore our extensive selection, including LARP swords, daggers, maces, axes, knives, flails, clubs, rapiers, and hammers. We provide comprehensive LARP armor options, such as shields, leather harnesses, pauldrons, arm bracers, gauntlets, leather breastplates, and fantasy leather helms. Our LARP protection features steel, quality leather, and hybrid polyurethane armor in various styles, including Dragon, Samurai, Lord of the Rings Orc, and Troy armor, catering to your fantasy armor needs.
Pole Weapons

Pole Weapons

Buying a Sword carries not just swords but an incredible variety of weapons, including pole weapons. Our selection includes modern and medieval pole arms alike, including axes, halberds, spears, maces, and more. Reach out and strike your opponent from afar with a boar spear or medieval halberd. Unleash your Nordic warrior spirit with a Viking axe. Or bring devastating blows to the battlefield with maces, war hammers, and clubs. Medieval knights wielded more than just swords, and Buying a Sword carries everything you need to grow your weapon collection.


Shop Buying a Sword for daggers to match your favorite sword. Here you’ll find companion daggers that are perfectly matched to go with a specific sword. Daggers are the ideal off-hand weapon for close range combat and for tight circumstances where a sword may be too much. We offer historically based medieval daggers and Renaissance daggers, as well as main gauche daggers for any fencer. You will find all kinds of daggers here, from ritual athame daggers and iconic Crusader daggers to dragon daggers inspired by fantasy.

Sword Buying Tips

Buying a sword can be a bit confusing so at buyingasword.com, we have developed a guide for any new or experienced sword collector or re-enactor. We offer a vast selection of swords in varying price ranges. We carry swords from many different sword manufacturers from all around the world to bring you the very best selection. So let’s get started and see what type of sword will best suit you.

We have three main classes of swords available at buyingasword.com.

Decorative Swords
Decorative swords are for display only, not for staged or battle-ready combat. They’re made of stainless or carbon steel with thin welds, needing little maintenance. Some feature gold and silver plating with etchings. Priced from $16 to $900, there is a decorative sword available for any budget. Our decorative swords are ideal for decorators, events, and collectors.
Functional Swords
Functional swords, aka Battle Ready swords, range from $50 to over $2000. Made of high carbon steel, they need cleaning after use. With longer, thicker tangs, they’re suited for active use or display. Functional swords are iIdeal for martial arts, re-enactments, or weapon enthusiasts. Brands like Cold Steel, Darksword Armory, and more offer a variety of functional sword styles like Pirate Cutlasses, Claymores, Bastard Swords, and more.
Stage Combat Swords
Stage Combat Swords are ideal for staged fight scenes for performers and filmmakers. Stage combat swords feature full tang, handcrafted thick steel blades, welded guards, and pommels. They are built to withstand blade-on-blade combat with thicker and heavier than functional swords, rounded tips and edges. Made of quality high carbon steel, stage combat swords are priced from $90.

How much are you willing to spend on your sword purchase?

Swords can range from $16 to upwards of $2000, so it is up to you as to how much you want to spend on a sword.

  • Decorative Swords $16 to $900
  • Functional Swords $50 to $2000
  • Stage Combat Swords $90 to $300

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If you are looking for a nice quality Functional Sword that you would like to use for many years, you will want to look for something around $200 or more, and stick with the top manufactures such as Windlass, Darksword Armory, Legacy Arms, and Hanwei. While there are functional swords cheaper than that, their quality is not as good. Decorative swords are just the same, the more expensive they are, the better quality and better made they are. We know that not everyone can spend hundreds of dollars on a sword, but perhaps they would still like to have one, and that is why we offer the largest selection of swords online with prices for anyone’s budget.

What style of sword are you looking for?

Now that you know what you plan to do with the sword (decorative, functional, stage combat) and you have decided how much you would like to spend, it is time for the last decision, what style do you like best? Buyingasword.com has hundreds of styles of swords for you to choose from. Are you looking for a historically accurate sword, or perhaps a specific culture such as a Roman sword, a Viking sword, a Scottish sword, or an Oriental sword? What about a fantasy style blade? We offer many swords that are inspired by times of old, but with modern futuristic designs. Pick your personal favorite and you’re on your way to owning a sword!

We hope our sword buying guide has answered some questions for you and helps you make an informed choice for your next sword purchase. If you still have questions or need some assistance, please call us at 1-812-506-1988 or email us at service@buyingasword.com.

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