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With a name like Buying a Sword, it will come as no surprise that we carry an impressive selection of swords on our site. The sheer number of functional and decorative swords can sometimes make it challenging to find the perfect one. To simplify your search for the sword of your dreams, we have categorized a large number of our historical swords according to name to help you narrow down the type of medieval sword you are hunting. Certain names refer to the model of sword, such as claymore swords, bastard swords, and longswords, while others name categories include various versions of a particular blade, like our Excalibur swords, Richard the Lionheart swords, and Charlemagne swords. All of our sword replicas display iconic looks from throughout the ages, ensuring that no matter what kind of period sword you are looking for you will be able to find stunning options to choose from!

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