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  • Masonic Sword Cane

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    Elevate your Freemason outfit with the Masonic Sword Cane in hand. This walking cane has a blade kept within its sleek design. This Freemason sword cane makes an excellent costume accessory.

  • Freemason Sword Set with Display Plaque

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    Whether you are a Freemason yourself or you just like the Order, the Freemason Sword Set with Display Plaque will suit your aesthetic and taste. This striking sword set makes a great piece of Masonic home decor.

  • Red Masonic Short Sword

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    No matter if you are a Freemason or simply enjoy the lore surrounding the mysterious group, consider adding the Red Masonic Short Sword to your home decor or office space. This short sword looks great in any sword collection as well.

  • Blue Masonic Short Sword

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    To add a unique or mysterious flair to your sword collection or home decor, consider displaying the Blue Masonic Short Sword on a wall for all to see. It also looks great on display in your office. You can give it as a gift as well.

  • Green Masonic Longsword

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    If you are looking for a sword to add to your Freemason costume or decor, then make sure that you look at the Green Masonic Longsword for your needs. It looks great on display in any office space as well as any sword collection.

  • Blue Masonic Longsword

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    The Blue Masonic Longsword recalls that mysterious and intriguing group called the Freemasons. Add this sword to your weapon collection or decor. It also looks great on display in your office. You can give it as a gift as well.

  • Red and Gold Masonic Sword

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    Regal and ornate, the Red and Gold Masonic Sword is an eye-catching sword to add to your collection. Its mirror finish stainless steel blade is matched with an exquisitely ornate gold tone hilt decorated with the Freemasonry symbols.

  • Masonic Small Sword

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    The Freemasons are one of the most intriguing societies in existence, their history clouded with questions and conspiracies. You can bring the mystique of this ancient organization into your home with the Masonic Small Sword.

  • Masonic Knights Templar Sword

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    The completion of a sacred ceremony requires the proper relics and arms to signify the occasion. The Masonic Knights Templar Sword celebrates the mystery and symbolism of the holy order that has fascinated the world for centuries.

  • Masonic Short Sword

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    The wonderfully designed Masonic Short Sword has an overall length of 20.5 inches. The scabbard is made of metal with beautiful design work done in a silver and pewter finish. The pommel is the knights head and guard has Masonic designs.

  • 18th Century Masonic Sword

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    The Freemasons gave the Masonic Sword as an award of rank and merit. The engravings on the sword and scabbard displayed the symbols of the movement. This replica faithfully reproduces the detail of a Masonic sword of the period.

  • Red Masonic Longsword

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    The Freemasons have been around since the 16th and 17th centuries, and while not an official knightly order, that does not mean that they have never used a sword like the Red Masonic Longsword in ceremony and ritual.

  • Masonic Short Sword

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    Even a knight needs a good back-up weapon, so before you venture forth on your quest, make sure you arm yourself appropriately by taking up an impressive blade just like this Masonic Short Sword.

  • Black Masonic Sword

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    Freemasons have been well known for centuries as excellent craftsmen who take pride in their work. The Black Masonic Sword is a beautiful example of this fine craftsmanship, with exquisite engravings on the blade and the hilt.

Arising from the Knights Templar military order of the Crusades, Masonic societies often maintain a connection to their history with ceremonial swords worn and used during their rituals and rites. These decorative blades often display ornate appearances with various freemason icons. A common masonic symbol, the Square represents honor, integrity, and honesty. The Compass indicates spiritual concepts and self-control. The letter G stands for geometry, a science believed to show the glory of God and the heavens. Other frequently used motifs are the Templar cross, the Masonic cross and crown emblem, and knights heads. Buying a Sword offers a great array of masonic swords crafted for display with gold and silver plating, detailed engravings, enamel inlays, ornate scabbards, and other fantastic embellishments. These freemason swords come in many decorative sword designs that are ideal for home decor, collections, costume use, and ceremonies. Peruse our selection of ornamental masonic swords to see the many eye-catching options available to you.

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