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  • Alfwin Viking Throwing Axe

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    Introducing the Alfwin Viking Throwing Axe: a fusion of tradition and craftsmanship, forged for the modern Viking adventurers insatiable cravings. Unleash your inner warrior with this extraordinary weapon of choice.

  • Knights Simple Medieval Leather Belt – Brown

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    Belts should be as adaptable as the characters and people wearing them. The Double Studded Medieval Leather Belt in brown is a versatile accessory. You can add this medieval belt to a LARP or cosplay costume and wear it to a faire.

  • Iron Axe Wedge

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    For the historical reenactor or competition thrower, the Iron Axe Wedge is ideal for keeping your axe in top shape. Axe wedges help to keep an axe head securely on the haft.

  • Blackened Winged Viking Spearhead

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    Grab the Blackened Winged Viking Spearhead for your Viking armoury. It is sure to intimidate your enemies on the battlefield. This spearhead is a great item for DIY projects, historical reenactments, or displays.

  • Medieval Axe Head

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    Are you looking for an axe head so you can make a mighty polearm? If so, make sure to that you check out the Medieval Axe Head. This medieval axe head makes a great DIY project for a reenactment or display.

  • Hand Forged Spear Head

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    Whether you need to replace a broken spearhead, make your own spear, or just want a functional display item, the Hand Forged Spearhead fits the bill. This battle-ready spearhead is ideal for reenactments or as part of a collection.

  • Blunt Butt Cap

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    Spears have more than just a projectile point on the top. Often, it has an end cap on the bottom like our Blunt Butt Cap to protect it from wear. Add this spear butt cap to a banner pole or your polearm as part of a DIY project.

  • Medieval War Axe

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    Axes are a terrifying weapon on the battlefield, especially when used by an experienced warrior. Wield this Medieval War Axe against your enemies. This halberd style axe works well for your next reenactment or cosplay. You can also add it to your functional weapon collection.

  • Scottish Baskethilt Sword with Scabbard

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    A Highlander or Scottish warrior may look incomplete without a sword at their side. Add the Scottish Baskethilt Sword with Scabbard to your costume. This decorative basket-hilt sword also looks great on a wall in your home or office.

  • Wooden Gladiator Sword

    $24.00 Add to Bag

    Young gladiator, take up your sword and fight for freedom! Grab the Wooden Gladiator Sword and march your way out of the reaches of the Roman Empire. This wooden sword is great for practicing for battle or historical reenactments.

  • Winged Roman Spearhead

    $62.00 Add to Bag

    Add the Winged Roman Spearhead to your own haft to create a one-of-a-kind pole weapon. It resembles the winged spearheads of centuries past. This hand-forged iron spearhead is a great item for DIY projects or historical displays.

  • Ridged Leaf Spearhead

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    Sometimes you want to create your own spear; use the Ridged Leaf Spearhead to make your own medieval weapon. This hand forged, steel spearhead is great for historical reenactments, DIY projects, or as a functional display piece.

  • Leaf-Shaped Celtic Spearhead

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    Make your own historical long range weapon with the Leaf-Shaped Celtic Spearhead. This hand forged, tempered steel spearhead has a rugged look to its historical shape. The edges of this medieval spear head is blunted for safety.

  • Hand Forged Germanic Javelin

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    Create your own historical throwing weapon for reenactment or display with the Hand Forged Germanic Javelin. This javelin head has the look of a rugged artifact and can be affixed to your own wooden haft to form a full javelin.

  • Spear Head

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    Various warriors across time and legend enjoy a connection to their weapons. Create your own spear or add to your collection with this Spear Head. This projectile point is perfect for display, DIY projects, and even reenactments.

  • Bjorn Viking Axe with Sheath

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    Bjorn Ironside was a Viking chief written about in Norse sagas as a mighty warrior. Carry a bit of his great prowess using the Bjorn Viking Axe with Sheath. This fearsome axe is a great accessory for a reenactment or medieval faire.

  • Viking Beard Axe with Sheath

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    Bearded axes feature an extended section at the lower end of their blade, and the Viking Beard Axe with Sheath is no exception as a historical weapon. It is an ideal weapon for reenactments or as part of a polearm weaponry display.

  • Norse Field Axe with Sheath

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    Axes were a very common weapon across Europe, especially with the Vikings. The Norse Field Axe with Sheath recreates that favorite medieval polearm. This weapon is ideal for historical reenactments and as part of a collection.

  • Small Spear Head

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    Craft your own throwing spear or pole weapon using the Small Spear Head. This historically styled spear head tapers to a point and has a central ridge, its hand forged construction resulting in a rugged, weathered appearance.

  • Short Norse Throwing Axe

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    The Vikings used axes of varying sizes. The Short Norse Throwing Axe is ideal for both close combat and throwing where larger axes are not needed or desired. This axe is great for reenactments or as part of a weaponry collection.

  • Viking Craftsmen Axe

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    Vikings were well-known for fighting with axes. The Viking Craftsman Axe is a wonderful tribute to their warrior spirit. Use this tempered blade functionally or as a martial decoration. It is ideal for controlled reenactments.

  • Bearded Axe Head

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    The Bearded Axe Head is ideal for creating your own Viking warrior weapon. Add your own wooden haft through the socket of this bearded axe blade. This historical axe head is handcrafted from steel and has been tempered for toughness.

  • Forged Viking Axe Head

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    Sometimes you need a replacement axe head for your functional weapon or one for display. The Forged Viking Axe Head is a great item for these needs. Add this axe head to your collection or use it to replace a damage Dane axe head.

  • Langeid Broad Axe Head

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    Named for a similar axe excavated in Norway, the Langeid Broad Axe Head has a very historical look, hand forged from steel and tempered for durability. The axe head shape has a wide cutting edge and a nearly symmetrical toe and heel.

  • Bardiche Axe Head

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    An evolution from the medieval Danish axe, the Bardiche Axe Head is a curved blade with a long surface area historically suited for slicing, cleaving, and even stabbing. Add your own wooden haft to create this medieval weapon.

  • American Cavalry Officer’s Steel Sword with Scabbard

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    With stately elegance, the American Cavalry Officers Steel Sword with Scabbard is a beautiful weapon for collection and display. This military sword has a thin steel blade and an ornate brass D-guard over its black handle.

  • Military Sword with Scabbard

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    The Military Sword with Scabbard has stately beauty throughout, from the intricate etching on over half of its thin blade to the ornate hilt and matching scabbard. Add this military officer sword to weapon collections and displays.

  • Essential Viking Axe

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    For many Viking warriors, an axe was the weapon of choice. The Essential Viking Axe is a hand forged functional weapon made in the style of ancient Norse battle axes, its short axe head securely fastened to a long wooden haft.

  • Battle Ready Viking Axe

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    Based on weapons favored by Viking warriors, the Battle Ready Viking Axe has a straightforward design that makes it a great choice for any Norse fighter. This Viking axe has a single sided head that tapers to a wide flare.

  • Throwing Spear Head

    $23.00 Add to Bag

    To reach your target from far away, sometimes you have to throw you weapon. With its long, narrow point, the Throwing Spear Head is ideal for this type of attack. This medieval spear head is forged by hand and tempered for strength.

House of Warfare is a popular supplier of medieval weaponry. From axes to swords and more, they produce a range of options for you to choose from. There are functional pieces, ready to take into battle. There are also some decorative pieces, perfect for adding a Viking or medieval touch to your decor. Both the functional and decorative weapons cover a variety of aesthetics and styles. For example, many of the axes are ideal for Vikings. Meanwhile, the spears and spearheads work for medieval themes as well as Roman ones. They make great additions to any weaponry collection. Be sure to stop and check out the House of Warfare products available here at Buying a Sword. There is sure to be something that catches your eye.

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