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  • Double Ball Flail

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    Warrior, if you prefer to use a flail against your enemies in combat, why not double the damage with the Double Ball Flail? Take this flail to your next historical reenactment or add it to a medieval weaponry collection.

  • Authentics Skull Flail

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    Our Skull Flail looks like one you might find in an old dark ages dungeon! Fully functional, this flail has a blackened steel skull head with spikes. It is attached to the wrought iron bar on the seared wooden handle by a sturdy chain.

  • Scottish Sgian Dubh

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    The traditional Scottish dagger, this personal 6.5 inch long knife is small enough to be worn tucked away in a sock or boot for easy retrieval and use. The Sgian Dubh is made of Ebony wood and brass handle and comes complete with sheath.

  • Pirate Cutlass

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    No matter if you are a pirate or a sailor working for the crown, the Pirate Cutlass will serve you well in battle against the enemy.

  • Steel Scottish Claymore Sword

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    An absolutely stunning reproduction of 16th century Scottish weaponry, the Steel Scottish Claymore Sword is a functional weapon which exemplifies a claymore sword with its exquisitely powerful double-edged blade.

  • German Landsknechte Flamberge Sword

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    One of the weapons wielded by the famous Landsknechte mercenaries was a large sword like the German Landsknechte Flamberge Sword.

  • Authentics European Knights Halberd

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    Authentics Halberds are hand-crafted with blackened heads. Each head is secured with hand pounded rivets on a rectangular shaved blackened and seared wood handle. This halberd has a rectangular pole for authenticity.

  • Authentics German Knights Halberd

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    Authentics Halberd is hand-crafted with a blackened head. It is secured with hand pounded rivets on a rectangular, shaved, blackened, and seared wood handle. This functional halberd has a rectangular pole for authenticity.

  • Authentics Celtic Spear

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    The Authentics Celtic Spear is handcrafted with a blackened, flared spear head. This medieval weapon will command respect against other spears. Wider flared blades were widely used by the Celts for hunting as well as in battle.

  • Authentics Flail

    $279.00 Add to Bag

    When you want a functional flail that has a historical style, why not wield the Authentics Flail against your enemies on the battlefield? Take this flail to your next historical reenactment or add it to a medieval weaponry collection.

  • Authentics War Hammer

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    This war hammer is the real thing, with an overall length is about 29 inches. The blackened iron hammer head and spike are hand wrought iron on a blackened and seared wood handle. This hammer is menacing to behold.

  • Knights Swordbreaker Dagger

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    With teeth that would chill anyone to the bone, this historical and functional dagger was carried by knights during the Middle Ages. Its name came from its function of catching a sword in its teeth and disabling or breaking it.

  • Knights Thrusting Dagger

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    This knights thrusting dagger is historically designed and authentically hand crafted. This dagger is a knights choice for thrusting through the rings of chainmail armor. This medieval dagger comes with a leather sheath.

  • Night Warrior Samurai Sword

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    This Samurai sword features sleek stainless wire accents, a hand braided leather grip, and a sheath. The blade of the Samurai sword is made of tempered high carbon steel, and the tsuba and end caps are made of solid brass.

  • Trojan Short Sword

    $428.00 Add to Bag

    Featuring a magnificently stylish and functional design, the Trojan Short Sword embodies the styling of late Bronze Age weaponry with a leaf-shaped blade design, which is fairly short, as swords tended to be in this era.

  • William Wallace Steel Claymore

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    Whether you wish to become William Wallace or another brave Scottish warrior, take the William Wallace Steel Claymore into battle.

  • Great Claymore Sword

    $705.50 Add to Bag

    Highland warriors such as yourself should have a proper sword to wield in battle. Make sure to check out the Great Claymore Sword.

  • Roman Gladius Sword

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    Warrior, before you head into battle for the empire, make sure that you take a blade like the Roman Gladius Sword with you.

  • Steel Hilt Crusader Sword

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    When you head into battle, you should make sure that you wield a blade like the Steel Hilt Crusader Sword against the enemy.

  • Brass Hilt Crusader Sword

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    The Brass Hilt Crusader Sword works well for a warrior looking for a bladed weapon that combines great style and functionality.

  • Celtic Combat Sword

    $428.00 Add to Bag

    Those who want a sword with functionality and style should make sure that they check out the Celtic Combat Sword and its design.

Handcrafting premium quality functional weapons, Ritter Steel is known for their age old techniques like forging blades over hot coals. Buying a Sword carries a great selection of Ritter Steel oriental blades like katana, wakizashi, and o dachi, as well as medieval weapons like broadsword replicas, Scottish claymores, Renaissance rapiers, halberds, scimitars, and Celtic daggers. These battle ready swords and historical weapons make excellent collectibles and tools for re-enactors, martial artists, and weapons enthusiasts. Aside from historical designs, we also carry an assortment of Ritter Steel fantasy blades with many unique looks. Especially considering the quality of these pieces, Ritter Steel weapons make a budget-friendly choice for anyone looking to outfit their home armory.

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