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  • Medici Longsword with Scabbard and Belt

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    Rule over your enemies like the Medici Dynasty by wielding the Medici Longsword with Scabbard and Belt against them in combat.

  • Medici Longsword with Scabbard

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    No matter if you are a noble or a mercenary, the Medici Longsword with Scabbard is sure to impress your friends and intimidate your foes.

  • Atrim War Sword

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    Warrior, you take to battle with ferocity. Intimidate your enemies by wielding the Atrim War Sword against them in combat. This sword makes a great weapon to use at a historical reenactment. You can also add it to any armoury.

  • William Wallace Claymore

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    Most people know of William Wallace due to the film Braveheart, in which the character wielded an enormous two-handed sword. The William Wallace Claymore replicates this sword with beautiful precision and places it in your own hands.

  • Two Handed Danish Sword With Scabbard and Belt

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    Two-handed swords were not always designed to fit into the cut and thrust style of combat that gained so much favor in the late 15th century, but this Two Handed Danish Sword with Scabbard and Belt fits into the era with ease.

  • Two Handed Danish Sword With Scabbard

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    Two-handed swords were not always designed to fit into the cut and thrust style of combat that gained so much favor in the later 15th century, but the design of this Two Handed Danish Sword with Scabbard fits the era with ease.

  • Medieval Battle Greatsword

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    Whether you need to keep your distance from your foe or if you are fighting in close quarters, few weapons are as handy as a greatsword. The Medieval Battle Greatsword takes the classic greatsword design and refurbishes it into something new.

  • Short Brass Wallace Sword

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    There are many iconic images from Scotland, and one of the most notable is a tartan-clad Highlander fighting against English oppression. This Short Brass Wallace Sword is inspired by the mighty greatsword wielded by William Wallace.

  • Short Silver Wallace Sword

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    The sword of William Wallace is, perhaps, one of the most famous arms of history thanks to the feature film Braveheart. This Short Silver Wallace Sword is designed around that, recreating a shorter form of the impressive claymore.

  • Tinker Great Sword of War

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    Take on your enemies in combat and attain victory on the battlefield by skillfully wielding a sword like the Tinker Great Sword of War. You can take this medieval sword to your next historical reenactment or add it to a sword collection.

  • Scottish William Wallace Sword by Marto

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    Sir William Wallace, known as one of Scotlands national heroes, is a well-known name. He fought against the English for Scottish freedom, and to commemorate this, we offer the Scottish William Wallace Sword, by Marto.

  • Sir Wallace Iron Claymore

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    The tale of William Wallace, who fought for Scottish independence, is one that is known by many. This Sir Wallace Iron Claymore is a recreation of the sword wielded by this legend during one of the more modern portrayals of his story.

  • Two Handed Great Sword

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    When you want reach and might for your sword, check out the Two Handed Great Sword. This ferocious sword will terrify your opponents when it is in your skilled hands.

  • Freedom Fighter Early Scottish Claymore

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    Known throughout history, William Wallace became the most valiant freedom fighter Scotland has ever seen. The Freedom Fighter Early Scottish Claymore is a magnificent two-handed early Scottish sword appropriately named for its valor.

A general term for certain outsized war swords with long, heavy blades, great sword most often refers to medieval longswords that preceded the two-handed sword with its specified traits. Due to their massive size, medieval great swords could not be wielded comfortably with one hand, setting them apart from other longswords of the period. The historical great sword most often describes straight, two-handed swords from the Middle Ages and Renaissance, though the name is sometimes applied to 18th century curved-blade broadswords, as well. Fans of this medieval sword style can find an excellent array of options here at Buying a Sword. We offer great sword replicas from superb manufacturers like Cold Steel, Windlass, and Tinker Pearce. These functional great swords and decorative great swords make eye-catching accents for home decor and authentic re-enactment swords for Renaissance fairs and performances.

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