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  • Italian Dueling Saber

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    For the suave and skilled swordsman or swordswoman, only a matching sword will do. Wield the Italian Dueling Saber to impress friends and foes alike. This elegant and fully functional sword is equally at home on the battlefield as it does on display.

  • Pirate Cutlass by Cold Steel

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    When it comes to fighting off pirates at your next reenactment, consider wielding the Pirate Cutlass by Cold Steel against them. This sword makes a great weapon for any pirate captain or sailor on the high seas.

  • 1917 Left Handed Hybrid Cutlass by Cold Steel

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    Enjoy the strong and light design of the 1917 Left Handed Hybrid Cutlass by Cold Steel. It is ideal for fighting in close quarters. For a right-handed version, check out 1917 Hybrid Cutlass by Cold Steel (07-88CSH).

  • Dussack Practice Sword

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    Warrior, the fight will begin shortly. Take the Dussack Practice Sword and ensure that you are ready to take down your enemy in battle. Use this sword at a sword practice. It also looks great added to any sword collection.

  • Pirate Hanger Sword by Cold Steel

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    When you are a fearsome pirate captain, you want an impressive sword to match your presence like the Pirate Hanger Sword by Cold Steel. This functional sword is great for any swashbuckling sailor or buccaneer.

  • Naval Cutlass Sword

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    Based on the M1860 cutlass used by the US Navy during the Civil War, this Naval Cutlass Sword features a brass hand guard and pommel. Favored by privateers and pirates, the short cutlass blade was formidable as a boarding weapon.

  • Pirate Cutlass

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    No matter if you are a pirate or a sailor working for the crown, the Pirate Cutlass will serve you well in battle against the enemy.

  • Pirate Cutlass

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    The shiny, silver tone guard of this Pirate Cutlass sweeps down and connects with the pommel, forming a D-guard shape to protect the wielders hand. With classical inspiration, this pirate sword is perfect for carrying and display.

  • Pirate Cutlass

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    Classically designed, this decorative pirate sword has a curved, single-edged blade made of stainless steel. The shiny brass hilt sweeps down and connects to the pommel as a D-guard historically intended to protect the wielders hand.

  • Naval Boarding Cutlass

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    The Cutlass (SN610) is a standard naval pattern weapon, though it has become a firm favorite of the re-enactors of a piratical nature. The brass basket is distinctive and balances the blade well.

  • Pirate Hanger Saber

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    Be prepared for plundering and pillaging by land and by sea with this Pirate Hanger Saber. This fully functional reenactment sword will give your buccaneer gear an authentic look as if you just stepped out of the Golden Age of Piracy!

  • 19th Century Cutlass

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    The Cutlass was a short slashing sword, ideal for close quarters battles aboard ships. The cutlass was issued to the Naval personnel of many countries, and this piece by Denix replicates a French naval style of the early 19th century.

  • APOC Tactical Cutlass

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    Warrior, as you head out on a survival or tactical mission, make sure that you are not without a weapon like the APOC Tactical Cutlass. This sword is functional for a variety of scenarios and looks great added to a collection.

  • Mermaid Basket Hilt Pirate Saber

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    Rule the seas with beauty by your side when you hold the Mermaid Basket Hilt Pirate Saber. The stainless steel blade of this pirate sword has a single edge slightly curved near its point, and its basket hilt displays a mermaid design.

  • Black Hilt Pirate Sword with Scabbard

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    If you are a seafaring captain or a swashbuckling sea dog, then you should have a decorative sword like the Black Hilt Pirate Sword with Scabbard. Add it to your home decor. It also makes a great addition to any sword display.

  • Pirate Cutlass

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    Many a bloody-handed pirate of the 17th century clambered over the side of a gold laden galleon armed with a cutlass such as this. This sword was known by many names, including hanger, short sabre, and cutlass.

  • Black Blade Naval Cutlass

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    Every sailor needs a sword to keep the crew and cargo safe, so make sure yours gets the job done and looks spectacular while doing it. With this Black Blade Naval Cutlass, you will own a sleek and functional weapon worthy of a captain.

  • French Grenadier Infantry Sword

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    Sabers have been favored the world over, for hundreds of years, as military swords, and this French Grenadier Infantry Sword reaches back into the 1700s, serving as a symbol of office and rank, as well as a battlefield companion.

  • 1917 Hybrid Cutlass by Cold Steel

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    Inspired by the 1904 Austrian Saber and the 1917 Cutlass (07-88CS), the 1917 Hybrid Cutlass by Cold Steel combines features from these magnificent weapons to produce a fierce design for the ultimate close quarters weapon.

  • 1917 Cutlass by Cold Steel

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    In 1917, the US Navy decided to replace its Model 1860 cutlass which had been in service for 57 years. Cold Steels modern recreation of the 1917 Cutlass is as authentic as possible, modeled after an original copy in a personal collection.

  • U.S. Navy Official CPO Cutlass

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    The U.S. Navy Official CPO Cutlass was developed as a joint project between Windlass Steelcrafts and the U.S. Naval Uniform Board. With three years in the making, this ceremonial military sword meets and exceeds all specifications.

  • Officers English Cutlass

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    The Officers English Cutlass was frequently used by officers as a close quarters battle weapon because of its compact dimensions. This replica cutlass has a tough, tempered high carbon steel blade and solid brass guard.

  • Naval Cutlass Sword

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    Our Naval Cutlass Sword is hand forged high carbon steel blade. The blade is British military steel and will flex over 20 degrees and return to true. The Naval Cutlass Sword comes with a scabbard and a frog to suspend it from your belt.

Whether you are a collector or a reenactor, Buying a Sword offers a variety of cutlass swords that are sure to interest you. We carry an array of these swords in decorative and functional designs. The functional cutlasses work great for reenacting your own pirate battles. The decorative ones look amazing in your home or office. They make a truly unique accent. Also, these swords come in a variety of styles and finishes. We carry many different swords made by various manufacturers such as Denix, Hanwei, Windlass, and more. There is sure to be something that will interest any history buff or weapons enthusiast. Stop by and browse this awesome selection of cutlass swords.

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