Wooden Jian Sword

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The Wooden Jian Sword is ideal for practical training in the swordplay typically identified with both Wushu and Tai Chi. Both martial arts consider the jian a typical weapon, thanks to its efficiency and its flexibility as a weapon. A jian is a straight-edged Chinese longsword, commonly called the scholars sword or the gentlemans weapon. Named thusly for its light weight, this is a weapon that one could carry for hours and not grow tired of its weight. The light nature of the weapon also makes it incredibly agile and nimble, allowing for a devastating series of strikes, delivered in the blink of an eye by a skilled handler. But one is not just born a skilled handler. Years of practice are required for one can master the jian, and in those years of practice, students turn to the Wooden Jian Sword to be their practical training weapon of choice.

Please be aware that the wood construction can have differing wood tones then what is pictured above.

Key Features:

  • All Wood Construction
  • Great for Training
  • Lightweight weapon


  • Overall Height: 36 Inches

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