Jarl LARP Sword – Vanguard – 85 cm


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Embark on a grand adventure in the realm of valor and legends with the formidable Vanguard Jarl LARP Sword, measuring a striking 85 cm. Prepare to wield this magnificent blade and conquer your foes in epic battles! Part of the distinguished Vanguard Line, this magnificent weapon is a testament to durability, requiring minimal maintenance while ensuring your focus remains on the adventure ahead. Crafted from high-quality closed-cell polyurethane foam, this sword promises not only longevity but safe and realistic combat, allowing you to fully immerse in the heat of battle without concern.

The Jarl LARP Sword boasts an exquisite design tailored for the fiercest of Vikings. At its heart lies a short silver crossguard, meticulously designed to protect your hands in close quarters. The grip, adorned with a distinctive herringbone, woven-like pattern in rich brown, ensures a comfortable and firm hold, leading up to the silver, Brazil-nut-shaped pommel at the pinnacle. It is the golden knotwork embellishing the pommel and crossguard that sets this sword apart, adding an aura of nobility and intricate craftsmanship that catches the eye and tells a story of valiant battles and honored victories.

Perfect for Viking cosplays and LARPing events, the Jarl LARP Sword – Vanguard – 85 cm is not just a weapon, but a symbol of power, resilience, and artistry that will elevate your portrayal and performance. Whether you are raiding enemy lands or standing tall in the defense of your own, this sword will be your loyal companion through every venture. Join the ranks of legendary heroes and make your mark on history with the Jarl LARP Sword by your side.

Key Features:

  • Low Maintenance: Engineered for adventurers, requiring minimal upkeep to maintain its battle-ready condition.
  • Authentic Design: Features a historically-inspired herringbone grip and iconic golden knotwork that hark back to the Viking age of glory.
  • Hand Protection: A robust silver crossguard protects the wielders hand, enabling full immersion in the fight without compromising safety.
  • Striking Pommel: Adorned with a distinctive Brazil-nut shape, the pommel is eye-catching and designed to complete the weapons majestic aesthetic.
  • Cosplay Ready: Ideal for Viking-themed events, conventions, or LARPing, providing a touchstone of authenticity to any costume.


  • Made from latex-free, closed-cell polyurethane foam


  • Overall Length: 33.5 Inches
  • Blade Length: 26.6 Inches
  • Blade Width: 2.2 Inches
  • Crossguard Width: 4.7 Inches
  • Grip Length: 3.3 Inches
  • Handle Circumference: 3.7 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

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