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Not all medieval pole weapons were made for thrusting and stabbing. Some, like the Glaive, combined the strengths of a spear and a sword, creating a weapon that had the range and functions of a spear, with the ability to slash and cut like a sword. This glaive features a long, curved blade that swells near the base, creating a wide area that would deliver quite the impressive cut, before gradually curving inward, creating a more narrow edge for more precise cutting. The head tapers off into a neat point, which ensures that while primarily a slashing and cutting weapon, this glaive can also deliver an effective thrust, too. The glaives head is crafted from carbon steel and it measures approximately 25 inches long, while the included hardwood shaft measures approximately 72 inches long. The cutting ability of a sword and the thrust and range of a spear make the Glaive a simple yet deadly weapon, and the rugged look of this glaive makes it a great choice to use when practicing your own medieval martial arts, as well as a great display weapon to include in your collection.

Key Features:

  • Fully Functional
  • A Classic Medieval Pole Weapon
  • A Traditional Glaive for Thrusting and Cutting
  • Includes a Simple Hardwood Pole


  • Made from EN45 high carbon steel


  • Overall Length: 98.5 Inches
  • Blade and Socket Length: 29.6 Inches
  • Pole Length: 68.9 Inches
  • Weight: 5.25 Pounds

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