Medieval halberds are polearms crafted with a spiked axe blade mounted on a long shaft and a hook or thorn on the reverse side of the blade. Due to this three-part design, halberds were intended to slice, thrust, and hook opponents in battle. We offer both functional and decorative halberds here at Buying a Sword. We have ornamental halberds and similar weapons here, such as bardiches, poll axes, bills, and glaives, as well as their battle ready counterparts. Our decorative halberds make great theatrical props and unique home decor. Functional halberds and other medieval pole arms are made of high quality materials like iron, carbon steel, and hardwood to help them stand up to the rigors of combat. Peruse our selection of halberd pole weapons to find the perfect piece for your medieval weapon arsenal or for your medieval home decor.
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Broad Halberd

Item # AH-3513M
What is the best way to make a halberd more effective? One look at this Broad Halberd will tell you that making the axe head broader is the way to go. A broader blade adds weight and mass to every strike the weapon makes.

Broad Head Naginata with Dragon Sheath

Item # NP-K-009
The naginata is the Japanese version of the pole arm. Weapons like this massive Broad Head Naginata with Dragon Sheath became favored among the samurai for their ability to dismount horseman and create space on the battlefield.

Chinese Pudao

Item # NP-K-531
This Chinese Pudao is inspired by the weapon used by Chinese infantrymen against mounted attacks. These weapons were called horse cutters, due to the ability of their massive blades and long handles to cut down their adversaries.

Crescent 16th Century Decorative Medieval Halberd

Item # ME-0104
Typifying the weaponry from the Middle Ages, the Crescent 16th Century Decorative Medieval Halberd is a magnificent decoration that exudes a look of medieval era elegance and displays your love of this historical period.

Danish Axe

Item # XB2079
Simple, versatile, and effective are three good words to describe this Danish Axe. This is an axe that fits all three quite well, because it features a relatively hardy construction, as well as a very versatile form fit for any warrior.

Display Stand for Three Halberds

Item # ME-0106
Crafted to securely display up to three pole arms at once, the Display Stand for Three Halberds is a wonderful complement for your decorative weapons. It is crafted from sturdy cast metal in a simple and stable design.

English Halberd

Item # AH-3516
A halberd takes the effective advantages of an axe and a spear and combines them into one weapon. In essence, a pole weapon like this English Halberd has the heft and impact of a heavy axe, as well as the range of a good spear.


Item # AH-3511
A Fauchard is a pole weapon that is similar in nature to glaive, being designed to deliver thrusts and cuts from a distance. The difference comes from the shape of the blade, as the fauchards design is much more complex and involved.

French Voulge

Item # AH-3517
The voulge is a medieval pole weapon that takes the strengths of a spear and applies them to an axe-like blade. This French Voulge is of particular note, because it features a knife blade that is effective at hacking and thrusting.

German Gothic Axe

Item # XB2077
Not all axes are brutal beasts that excel at hacking and cleaving. Some, like this German Gothic Axe, are an example of what can happen when axes meet the craftsmanship of the period, which always results in something spectacular.

German Halberd Head

Item # XB0098
This German Halberd replicates a circa-1500 A.D. museum piece. Crafted in 0.25 inch steel with 0.13 thick langets, it is supplied unedged but may be modified easily for a re-enactment use. It is supplied as a head only.


Item # AH-3503
Not all medieval pole weapons were made for thrusting and stabbing. Some, like the Glaive, combined the strengths of a spear and a sword, creating a weapon that had the range of a spear with the ability to slash and cut like a sword.