Renaissance Daggers

The dagger served as a part of everyday attire during the Renaissance period, worn by commoners and the nobility. Renaissance daggers were used for personal defense and duels, as well as everyday tasks like eating on occasion. Our historical daggers here at Buying a Sword make great companion weapons for our Renaissance swords. Our Renaissance blades come in a range of styles, including stiletto daggers, poignard daggers, and colichemarde daggers. We carry both functional daggers and decorative daggers, made with stainless steel and high carbon steel blades as well as horn, bone, nickel silver, and wood handles. These re-enactment daggers work great as Renaissance fair accessories and collectibles. Browse through our excellent historical dagger replicas to find the perfect Renaissance style for your needs.
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1809 Napoleon Dagger

Item # SD4113
Napoleons dagger was modeled after his ceremonial court sword by Martin Biennais. The grip is engraved with Napoleons profile, and his Monogram can be seen on the sheath. This replica by Denix is accurately detailed.

Antler Damascus Dagger

Item # ZS-DM-1031
Named for the ancient forging technique from the Near East, Damascus steel is characterized by distinctive patterns of ripples or swirls. This Antler Damascus Dagger makes an excellent gift for hunters, reenactors, and collectors.
$53.00 $48.00

Barcelona Spike Dagger

Item # ZS-203152-BK
Known for its culture, architecture, and art, Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and intriguing cities in the entire world. Harnessing the beauty and intrigue of that city in a stunning weapon is this Barcelona Spike Dagger.
$13.00 $11.00

Black Renaissance Dagger

Item # ZS-203105-BK
The Black Renaissance Dagger is great for Renaissance fairs, reenactments, or adding to medieval dagger collections. Based on historical styles, this Renaissance dagger has a black hardwood handle with a brass guard and pommel.
$15.00 $13.00

Broad German Hunting Dagger

Item # AH-3140
In the bygone era, hunting was a common way to provide for your family. This Broad German Hunting Dagger is a recreation of a detailed hunting dagger that not only boasts a handsome design, but also an effective look too.

Colichemarde Dagger by Cold Steel

Item # 07-88CLMD
Based on historic blades the emerged on the sword scene in the late 1600s, the Colichemarde Dagger is the companion to the matching Colichemarde Sword but serves well as a beautiful and high quality combat blade in its own right.
$251.89 $201.51

Italian Dagger by Cold Steel

Item # 07-88ITD
Whether you wield it alongside the matching Italian Long Sword (07-88ITS) or on its own, the Italian Dagger is a finely crafted weapon with a sharply tapered, double-edged blade made in the image of its larger companion piece.
$239.32 $191.45

Italian Stiletto

Item # DS-1805
Just because the stiletto is among the smallest of daggers does not mean that it is among the weakest. In fact, in its area of expertise, a blade like this Italian Stiletto is without equal, as not much can match its penetrative power.

Italian Stiletto with Display Plaque

Item # ME-0155
A magnificent representation of Italian Renaissance styling, the Italian Stiletto with Display Plaque is a beautiful decoration for the home or office. This plaque is a superb means to express your interest in Italian history.

Landsknecht Katzbalger Dagger

Item # AH-6961N
Based on the arming sword of the Landsknecht, who served in most of the conflicts in early Modern Europe, this Landsknecht Katzbalger Dagger echoes the look of its cousin, and possesses all of its considerable functionality, too.

Musketeer Main Gauche

Item # 401348
Carried at the back for a left hand draw, the main gauche was brought into play with the rapier for a two handed fighting style. This dagger has cut-outs and notches to slow a blade, while the hand is well-protected by the knuckle bow.

Renaissance Black Horn Dagger

Item # ZS-203106-BK
The Renaissance Black Horn Dagger is great for Renaissance fairs, reenactments, or adding to your medieval dagger collection. The handle is made of wood styled to simulate horn in beautiful contrast with the brass pommel and guard.
$17.00 $15.00