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The Princess Stiletto Dagger is perfect for those wanting a dagger with some regal style. It has an ornate design that is ideal for nobility. Made from EN45 high carbon steel, this dagger has a thin, double-edged blade with a spearpoint tip. The narrow blade has a triangular cross-section. There are two notches on each side of the ricasso.

Next, the dagger continues with a brass hilt. The hilt has a cruciform crossguard. The crossguard has round ridges on each arm. The ridges get slightly bigger towards the ends. A scrolled design adorns the center of the crossguard. Then, the hilt takes the form of a stylized person. The grip has a scaly texture. The pommel features a young womans head. Finally, this dagger comes with a leather sheath. It has a loop for securing the dagger in place. At the top of the sheath, there is a loop for securing the sheath onto a belt, not included. You can add this dagger to any collection or display. It looks great with some costumes as well.

This stiletto works for piercing and thrusting. It is not suited for hitting against hard objects or pulling and twisting within a target.

Key Features:

  • Works for piercing, not suitable for other functional uses
  • Features an ornate design
  • Has a narrow, double-edged blade
  • Comes with a brown sheath
  • Can hang on a belt, not included
  • Great for collections or display


  • Made from EN45 high carbon steel
  • Hilt is brass
  • Sheath is leather


  • Overall Length: 12.2 Inches
  • Blade Length: 8.1 Inches
  • Weight: 5.2 Ounces

Measurements are approximate.

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