Palnatoke professes that it is not just a sword but a lifestyle that leads them to create their high quality LARP gear. Buying a Sword carries an excellent selection of Palnatoke LARP weapons suitable for adults and youths of any experience level. These durable LARP sword and LARP dagger are crafted from layered, multi-density foam, fiberglass or carbon fiber cores, and rubber coatings, ensuring their strength and flexibility for safe and comfortable use in battle. These foam swords and daggers come in a wide range of styles including medieval LARP swords, LARP claymores, LARP katana, and LARP fantasy daggers, among others. Palnatoke aims to create the best live action roleplaying weapons in the world, making this a great stop for anyone looking to outfit their next LARP experience.
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Celtic LARP Sword

Item # LP0023
In the early days of warfare, the sword was a weapon designed for offense and nothing more. The Celtic LARP Sword draws on the style of the Celt, creating an effective blade that lends itself well to attacking and defeating ones enemies.
$117.00 $98.00

Elven Lord LARP Sword

Item # LP0040
Grace and beauty are two things that elves often weave into their works, including art, armor, or weapons. This Elven Lord LARP Sword is a straight blade with plenty of appeal, both as a weapon and as a fine accent for your character.
$117.00 $105.30

LARP Weapons Silicone Spray

Item # OP1000
Palnatoke has been using this LARP Weapons Silicone Spray for over 15 years on their LARP weapons and now it is available in a handy 30mL size! This spray on application cleans and conditions the latex coating, extending its life.

Squire LARP Dagger

Item # LP0111
Never underestimate what a short blade can do you for you, both on and off the field. For those who LARP, this Squire LARP Dagger is an effective version of the traditional medieval dagger for your character to always carry along.
$55.00 $49.50

Squire LARP Longsword

Item # LP0050
If you seek something straight-forward and effective to wield against your foes, but want something a bit longer than the traditional sword, than this Squire LARP Longsword might be a blade to consider thanks to its long blade.
$97.00 $87.30

Two Handed LARP Greatsword

Item # LP0106
Fit for the finest Highland warriors, the Two Handed LARP Greatsword is specifically designed with live action role playing in mind. The LARP greatsword features an extra layer of PUR foam for increased durability.
$214.95 $180.00

Warriors LARP Sword Hanger

Item # LP0286
As any fighter will tell you, it is important for your weapon to be easy to draw. This Warriors LARP Sword Hanger is an effective way to keep your weapon close when it is not in use, while also ensuring that it is easy to draw too.
$37.00 $31.00

Woodland LARP Sword

Item # LP0010
This slim-line scimitar offers a look that fits well into a wide variety of styles. Woodsman, ranger, elf, duelist, foreigner - all of these character ideas can utilize this Woodland LARP Sword to further their look in any LARP event.
$97.00 $87.30

Youth Orc LARP Sword

Item # LP0142
When the occasion calls for a softer sword for play, LARP, or anything else, this Youth Orc LARP Sword is a perfect weapon to turn to! Combine with the weapons impressive look, this a stellar arm for any age warrior to wield!
$60.00 $54.00