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  • Ocean Citadel Katana

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    A masterpiece of modern Japanese weaponry, the Ocean Citadel Katana is a limited edition, functional katana which is crafted from the finest materials with painstaking precision to ensure a supremely balanced and beautiful design.

Here at Buying a Sword, we carry an excellent selection of Citadel blades with spectacular function and form. The Citadel brand produces oriental swords of exceptional quality, many crafted from high carbon steel, ray skin, silk, iron fittings, and other fine materials. Differential hardening allows many of these functional and decorative blades to last for years. Limited edition katana and wakizashi make a great pick for collectors and sword enthusiasts to display in their home or office, given their ornate decorative elements. Many of these Japanese swords feature gorgeous designs inspired by nature. Take a moment to browse the selection of high quality swords, and you will be sure to find many excellent options!

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