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  • Brown Hilt Scottish Claymore

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    With the Brown Hilt Scottish Claymore in hand, you anticipate the approach of the enemy onto the battlefield and your victory. This warriors sword is an elegant addition to any reenactors equipment.

  • Black Hilt Scottish Claymore

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    Warrior, the enemy approaches the battlefield. You raise the Black Hilt Scottish Claymore with gleeful anticipation of victory. This warriors sword is an elegant addition to any reenactors equipment, perfect for a Scottish reenactment or battle.

  • Atrim War Sword

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    Warrior, you take to battle with ferocity. Intimidate your enemies by wielding the Atrim War Sword against them in combat. This sword makes a great weapon to use at a historical reenactment. You can also add it to any armoury.

  • HEMA Stage Combat Saber

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    Whether you are just beginning to learn or have practiced for a long time, the HEMA Stage Combat Saber is a great weapon option for any HEMA warrior. Use this durable sword when you practice sword skills. Add it to your armoury.

  • Katzbalger Arming Sword

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    You have joined this group of mercenaries to earn gold and glory. You know how to wield the Katzbalger Arming Sword effectively against the enemy. Use the sword to practice your skills or add it to your favorite medieval role.

  • Federschwert Fencing Longsword

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    Whether you are a master or beginner at swordplay, any HEMA practicioner could use a good sword to practice with like the Federschwert Fencing Longsword. No matter if you train with a group or in solitude, it is an excellent choice.

  • Fencing Side Sword

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    For many miles around, the people know of your great fencing abilities and prowess in battle. You practice very often with the Fencing Side Sword. This sword is great for training and practicing your fencing skills in safety.

  • Renaissance Side Sword

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    As you walk through the streets of the cities, you keep an eye out for any hidden foes. You do not fear them as you wield the Renaissance Side Sword. This functional sword is great for reenactments as well as sword collections.

  • Competition Federschwert

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    From beginners to masters, the Competition Federschwert provides a light, fast, and safe longsword for all your sparring needs. Thanks to feedback from HEMA practitioners, this awesome sword gives function to traditional style!

  • Type XVIII Knights Sword

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    Become a mighty knight on the battlefield as you skillfully wield the Type XVIII Knights Sword against your many foes in combat. Take this sword with you to a historical reenactment or add it to a sword collection.

  • 13th Century Arming Sword

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    When you need a sword to wield on the reenactment battlefield, bring the 13th Century Arming Sword with you to combat your foes. This sword makes a fantastic addition to any sword collection.

  • Tourney Hand and a Half Knightly Sword

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    When you are in need of an onstage sword worthy of any knight, make sure to wield the Tourney Hand and a Half Knightly Sword. It is a perfect accompaniment for a 14th to mid-15th century man of war.

  • Tourney Arming Sword

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    A great example of re-enactment weaponry, the Tourney Arming Sword comes in a blunt design that is perfect for training and stage combat. The functional sword is forged from 9260 high carbon spring steel tempered to about 50 Hrc.

  • Tourney Viking Sword

    $199.00 Add to Bag

    With a design that rings like a bell when struck in combat, the Tourney Viking Sword serves as a fantastic re-enactment weapon. The functional sword is forged from 9260 spring steel that is tempered to around 50 Hrc.

A premium brand of classic European weapons, Kingston Arms produces re-enactment, stage combat, and HEMA sparring swords crafted to period accurate specifications. Inspired by iconic blades used in historical battles, these functional swords are durable and reliable weapons, available in sharp and blunt blade designs. The Tourney series, in particular, features blunt swords that look stunning and stand up to the rigors of fighting yet are a safer option than sharp blades. Crafted with full tangs, peened pommels, and leather-wrapped grips, these spring steel swords are sure to impress. Many of these pieces come with their own scabbard, as well. Buying a Sword is confident that these medieval swords will become favorites of practitioners and aficionados of the European sword.

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