Forgotten Dreams

Since 2001, Forgotten Dreams has creating LARP weaponry that is both incredibly realistic in appearance and safe for use at live action roleplay events. Drawing inspiration from both history and fantasy, their LARP weapons range from ancient Roman daggers to elven fantasy staves, Crusader swords, and beyond. No matter what era your LARP character hails from, you are sure to find a LARP sword to suit their style amongst our selection of Forgotten Dreams products here at Buying A Sword. Each weapon is constructed with high quality foam around a fiberglass core that is both sturdy and flexible. The foam itself is made of closed cell polyethylene, which is resistant to tearing. Coated with a protective layer of latex, the weapons are given expert coloration for an authentic look. Over that, each weapon is finished with elastic gloss for added resiliency against everyday abrasion. When maintained properly, Forgotten Dreams weapons will withstand battle after battle, making them a trusted choice when it comes to stocking up your LARP arsenal.
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Gaelic LARP Claymore

Item # FD-1032
A traditional Scottish great sword, claymores are formidable weapons that typically require two hands to wield. Inspired by this late medieval blade, the Gaelic LARP Claymore features intricate, golden colored knot work designs.

Gaelic LARP Dagger

Item # FD-1033
When it comes to close combat, sometimes it all comes down to the tip of your dagger. The Gaelic LARP Dagger, with curling details adorning its hilt, is an excellent choice for any LARPer looking to carry a small blade for defense.

Gaelic LARP Lance

Item # FD-1035
With over six feet of length, the Gaelic LARP Lance is a formidable pole weapon to wield in any live action roleplay battle. Made of high quality foam, this historic-inspired lance is a must-have when it comes to long range combat.

High Elven Black LARP Katana

Item # FD-1026
Regal and sleek, the High Elven Black LARP Katana features the appearance of a dark jewel on its hilt, surrounded by the curving, golden colored details of the guard. Above its matching pommel, the grip is wrapped in black material.

High Elven Black LARP Naginata

Item # FD-1116
A long pole weapon used by samurai in feudal Japan is the inspiration for the High Elven Black LARP Naginata. This fantasy weapon beautifully blends the elegance and might of a traditional blade with subtle elvish styling.

High Elven Black LARP Staff

Item # FD-1030
Fit for a wide variety of magic-wielding LARP characters, the High Elven Black LARP Staff features a magnificent, golden colored dragon wing symbol mounted to the top of its haft, adorned at its base with black gem-like details.

High Elven Blue LARP Katana

Item # FD-1023
Embellished with the appearance of a blue jewel, the High Elven Blue LARP Katana is an elegant addition to any fantasy weapon arsenal. With its combination of traditional katana shape and elvish styling, this LARP sword is a treasure.

High Elven Blue LARP Lance

Item # FD-1110
This High Elven Blue LARP Lance is a tremendously formidable pole weapon, which measures in at just over seven feet long. This fantasy-inspired lance is a must-have weapon when it comes to long range combat on the battlefield.

High Elven Blue LARP Naginata

Item # FD-1113
The naginata is one of several varieties of traditionally made Japanese blades in the form of a pole weapon. With the High Elven Blue LARP Naginata, you can combine fantasy-inspired style with Japanese historical influence.

High Elven Blue LARP Staff

Item # FD-1027
Displaying charming fantasy details, the High Elven Blue LARP Staff is a stunning weapon for any LARP character with a penchant for magic. Blue gem-like details are situated at its top, right below its golden colored wing symbol.

High Elven Green LARP Katana

Item # FD-1024
The likeness of a bright green jewel rests in the hilt of the High Elven Green LARP Katana, surrounded by curving, golden colored details. This foam sword presents a stylish mix of traditional Japanese weaponry and fantasy detail.

High Elven Green LARP Lance

Item # FD-1111
The High Elven Green LARP Lance is fit for a wide variety of magic-wielding warriors. This extremely effective long range weapon measures in at just over seven feet long. It is a must-have for any long-distance combat situation.