Celtic Swords

This category contains not only our Celtic swords, but those of famous Scottish and Irish origin. Buying a Sword offers many excellent Scottish and Celtic swords for collectors and reenactors. Celtic swords often appear either as Celtic long swords or Celtic short swords, while Scottish swords include claymore swords, various basket-hilted swords, and Scottish broadswords in their number. At Buying a Sword, we are pleased to carry an excellent array of Scottish and Celtic swords in decorative and functional sword designs. The Scottish claymore is well-associated with the Wars of Scottish Independence, giving rise to the variety of William Wallace swords and Robert the Bruce swords we carry. Whether you are looking for a Highlander sword or a Celtic war sword, you can find many excellent options for taking to your upcoming battle or displaying in your home decor here.
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Two Handed Scottish Claymore

Item # AH-3313N
Great length and power are two bonuses for the warrior who chooses to wield this Two Handed Scottish Claymore. Impressive, and a bit intimidating, this is one weapon that is nothing if not admirable, thanks to its size and appearance.

Two-Handed Scottish Sword with Plaque

Item # NP-L-901
As a Highland warrior, you have an abode with an array of weaponry and armour. The Two-Handed Scottish Sword with Plaque is central in the display. Hang this sword on a wall in your home decor or office space. Add it to a collection.

William Wallace Steel Claymore

Item # ED2014
Whether you wish to become William Wallace or another brave Scottish warrior, take the William Wallace Steel Claymore into battle.

Claymore Sword

Item # ZS-901042-BK
The claymore sword has a pommel and guard in a silver finish with a long, smooth black handle that completes the lean look of this impressive sword. A leather sheath comes with the Claymore Sword to protect both sword and wielder.