Black Engraved Dragon Wakizashi


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The typical image of a bokken is a full-sized wooden sword. However, training is not limited to a full-sized sword, and so bokken also come in all shapes and sizes. Our Black Engraved Dragon Wakizashi is an excellent example of this fact. And while this bokken is more ornamental then for actual training, the concept remains the same. Taking the size and shape of a wakizashi, also known as the companion sword, this bokken, if used in training, would be an accompaniment to the katana. Either as an off-handed blade or alone, as a last defense when the katana is far too large to be used properly. This wakizashi-bokken is made from a single piece of hard wood and stylishly finished with a black varnish. Engraved into the varnish is a Japanese-styled dragon, elegantly colored in natural wood-tones. The grip is wrapped in a fashion similar to wakizashi. For those who are looking to own a complete, ornamental bokken daisho set, this Black Engraved Dragon Wakizashi is an excellent and stylish beginning to the two-piece sword-set.

Key Features:

  • Constructed from Solid Wood with Black Varnish
  • Decorative Japanese Dragon Engraved Into The Blade
  • Modeled on a Wakizashi


  • Overall Height: 30 Inches

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