47 Inch Bamboo Kendo Sword

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Used not only in kendo but also in other martial arts that practice swordplay, the shinai is a bamboo sword that represents a true Japanese sword during competitions. If you are looking to learn or compete, pick up our Bamboo Kendo Sword. Each properly made shinai is composed of four slats of appropriate material. Many materials are accepted but bamboo is the most common, as well as the one used in this particular weapon. The four bamboo slats are bound together in three places – at the hilt, at the tip, and via a binding located about a quarter of the way down the weapon from the tip. Each of these three bindings are secured together by a single length of cord. Originally developed as a less-dangerous cousin to the sparring weapon of the time (the bokken), the shinai has remained a staple in the training of swordplay professionally. If you are looking for your own shinai for training, collecting, or whatever purpose, then we have the item to fulfill that desire in the Bamboo Kendo Sword.

Key Features:

  • Simple, yet Sturdy Construction
  • Made from Bamboo
  • Great for training


  • Overall Height: 47 Inches

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