Asian & Oriental Swords

In our Asian and Oriental swords section, you will find swords that have their historical origin in Japan, China, or elsewhere in Asia. Shop here for katana, wakizashi, and tanto swords as well as Chinese dao, tai chi swords, and jian swords. We offer these sword types in both functional and decorative variations, so you can find a bladed weapon that suits your needs here, whether you want a decorative weapon to display with pride or a functional, historical sword to wield in battle. While some of the historical blades found here might have modern additions, details, or style, they all have their historical origins in Asia.
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Folded Blade Zatoichi Stick Sword

Item # SH2114
If you are a fan of the legendary blind samurai Zatoichi, then you should make sure to check out the Folded Blade Zatoichi Stick Sword.

Giant O Dachi Sword

Item # ED4450
The Giant O Dachi Sword features a smoother darkened tsuba and end cap and feature the same great leather and wire wrapped handles. The Giant O'dachi sword comes complete with sheath. This is a hand crafted, battle ready sword.

Gim Sword

Item # 07-88G
Developed after years of studying the straight bladed swords of China, Cold Steel has created the battle-worthy Gim Sword for collectors and practitioners of Chinese Martial Arts, ideal for cutting, slashing, and even stabbing action.
$440.89 $352.71

Gold Lion Katana

Item # 07-88ABK
A beautiful reproduction of the everyday sword of the samurai, the Gold Lion Katana comes in a significantly lighter design that makes it faster in the hand and more comfortable to wear all day when tucked into an Obi.
$854.91 $683.93

Gold Lion Wakizashi

Item # 07-88ABW
Mirroring the craftsmanship and materials of the Gold Lion Katana, our Gold Lion Wakizashi is an equally beautiful oriental blade. The functional wakizashi serves as an exquisite companion sword or stand-alone weapon in its own right.
$632.62 $506.09

Golden Bamboo Katana

Item # MC-RY-3202
Associated with traits such as integrity, tenacity, and elegance, bamboo makes a fitting choice for the ornamentation of this samurai katana. The Golden Bamboo Katana comes with a hand-carved and painted bamboo scabbard.

Golden Blade Samurai Katana

Item # NP-F-586-GD
Add a sense of luxury and danger to any decor with the Golden Blade Samurai Katana. It is sure to catch the eye of any viewer who gets a glimpse of it. This sword looks great as a part of any Japanese blade collection or home decor.

Golden Blade Samurai Wakizashi

Item # NP-F-586-GD-M
Looking for a sword that has a sense of luxury and danger? The Golden Blade Samurai Wakizashi may fit your needs and your excellent sense of style. Add this blade to any sword collection or home decor for an eye-catching flair.

Golden Dragon Katana

Item # MC-JL-003HM
Having won the imperial competition, you stand before the emperor. He gives you the Golden Dragon Katana as recognition of your skill and prowess. This impressive sword makes a great addition to a reenactment outfit or collection.

Golden Dragon Samurai Sword

Item # MC-JL-003
The might and power of the great dragon has always impressed you. Capture the strength of that mythical creature with the Golden Dragon Samurai Sword. This sword adds a wonderful touch to any decor. Display it in your home or office.

Golden Dragonfly Wakizashi

Item # SH2470
The excellent craftsmanship and hand forged quality of the Golden Dragonfly Wakizashi make this a sword for the collector searching for a work of art. This wakizashi is impressive, to say the least, and will look stunning in your home.

Golden Flower Black Wrap Katana

Item # MC-TR-032GD
Whether you are looking for a functional sword or a decorative katana to showcase in your home, the Golden Flower Black Wrap Katana makes an excellent choice. This ornate katana features elegant detailing and a carbon steel blade.