War Hammers

An alternative to a sword or an axe, medieval war hammers offered a greater chance of making an effective strike against an armored foe. Used mostly in the late Middle Ages, war hammers were used against mounted warriors or in close combat, depending on the length of the handle. Buying a Sword carries bot functional and decorative war hammers. Also known as mauls, historical war hammers often featured a spike on one end of the head for grappling or piercing armour. Our battle ready war hammers are accompanied by other similar pole weapons like becs de corbin and Lucerne hammers, and they are intended for historical reenactment. We offer a variety of styles, including English war hammers, German war hammers, and foot soldier war hammers. Our decorative war hammers are not intended for combat but make stunning display pieces for weapons enthusiasts, great theatrical props, and costume accessories for reenactments and Renaissance fairs.
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Tactical War Hammer

Item # UC3069
Blending breaching and defensive capabilities in a sleek design, the Tactical War Hammer is incredibly durable in its construction and features a menacing head with a broad hammer and a sharp piercing spike.

Venetian War Hammer

Item # AH-4131
When medieval knight meets Venetian War Hammer, the knight is sure to taste defeat. Based on historical designs, this hammer is similar in design to the Bec de Corbin, with a balanced design that utilizes hammer, spike, and spear.

War Hammer

Item # 600756
By the mid-1400s, armour had developed to a point where it was almost impervious to a sword blow. That is when the knight or man-at-arms would reach for a good solid weapon like the War Hammer to defeat their well-armoured foes.