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Faith, steel, and war. That was what Europe looked like in the Renaissance period. Discover the formidable prowess of the Late Medieval Crowsbeak War Hammer, a stunning testament to battlefield innovation in response to heavy armor throughout Europe.

Renaissance Warfare Artistry

Crafted with meticulous care, this authentic 15th Century replica embodies the fierce warrior culture of European chivalry and the deadly pragmatism of Renaissance mercenaries. This medieval war hammer tells the story of a shift in weapons technology and meeting the challenge of increasingly sophisticated armor plate.

Initially, this steel war hammer was built to withstand the rigors of heavy steel combat, and even modern-day knights should handle this weapon with extreme caution. Additionally, this late medieval combat pick has a grip with a firm and secure hold. Moreover, the grip has a sturdy guard and endcap near the haft to keep your hand rooted in place.

Furthermore, with a handle is wrapped in comfortable and sturdy leather. This secure grip allows you to fight with precision and control. Moreover, this Renaissance crowsbeak hammer strikes a commanding figure on the battlefield with a weapon in darker hues, contrasting magnificently with the brown leather handle.

Not to mention, the iron haft is forged with an elegant hexagonal shape, giving your steel war hammer a unique appearance to set your reenactment kit apart from the rest. The crowsbeak, named for its beak-like point, pairs with a hammer on the opposite end, providing versatility in how it can be wielded.

Reenact the Great Battles of the Renaissance

While its primary function is for heavy steel combat, this spiked war hammer also serves as an exquisite piece of reenactment equipment. However, it should be handled with extreme caution on and off the battlefield, as this crowsbeak weapon can inflict real damage to armor and human bodies if misused.

To clarify, this Renaissance war pick can be used for combat, but this crowsbeak is capable of penetrating steel armor and as such is recommended only in full-steel events; where it can be reviewed beforehand.

Relive the Renaissance Battles in Your Collection

Wielded by mercenaries to oppose heavily armored opponents, this combat pick stands as a symbol of armor-piercing strength and reliability. What sets this steel spiked hammer apart is not only its robust construction but its authentic medieval finish and dedication to historical authenticity.

This medieval war hammer, designed for collectors, reenactors, or steel armored fighters, genuinely replicates the epic tales of the Renaissance and the knights who fought in that era. Not to mention, this steel crowsbeak is a fantastic addition to your collection, exemplifying the valor of heavily armored warfare.

Thanks to its elegant and hand crafted design, you can display this steel pick hammer anywhere in your collection to bring the age of chivalry to life. For example, rest this timeless addition on a weapon rack or hang it from a wall hook to reflect on past glories.

Key Features:

  • Historical Crowsbeak Design: Spanning 1.5 feet in length, forged from carbon steel, and capable of penetrating armor, this crowsbeak is a true-to-life replica evoking Renaissance Europe.
  • Sturdy Haft and Leather Grip: Featuring a hexagonally shaped iron haft for durability and style, the grip is also wrapped in leather for comfort.
  • Authentic Renaissance Feel: Bring the era of Renaissance warfare to life with this fascinating addition to your collection.


  • Crowsbeak and haft made of carbon steel
  • Grip wrapped in genuine leather


  • Length: 20.2 Inches
  • Grip Length: 4.7 Inches
  • Head Width: 6 Inches
  • Weight: 2.1 Pounds

Measurements are approximate.

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