Spear Heads

Buying a Sword is proud to offer this fantastic array of spear heads. We have a great selection in various styles, including ancient Greek and medieval styles. They include both pointed and blunted blades. Some are fully functional while others work better for decorative use. We also offer spear butt caps. These caps help to protect the bottom of the shaft on a spear. Our spear parts come in a variety of colors and finishes. For example, some have a rough or natural finish. These spear heads make great DIY items as well as collectible display pieces. Take a moment to browse, and you are sure to find something that will interest you.

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Thrusting Spearhead

Item # XB0053
The Thrusting Spearhead was made especially for re-enactment use. The Thrusting Spearhead is crafted with a bulbous tip, 3 mm thick edges, and rounded flanges. No shaft is supplied, but sold separately.


Item # XB2072
In the earliest of medieval times, weapons like the spear and the axe, were favored because of the ease that they could be made and replaced. As this Spearhead shows, that popularity is well-deserved, as simple can also mean effective.

Thrusting Spear

Item # XH2038
The decorated spearheads demonstrate the Vikings creative mix of art and war, whereby weapons often carried intricate patterns, created using the Niello process. These make for great collectibles and display pieces!

Thin Roman Pilum

Item # HW-700419
Based on weapons used by soldiers in the ancient Roman army, the Thin Roman Pilum is ideal for reenactors and ancient history enthusiasts. This long javelin piece has a very narrow head and a socket for attaching to a wood shaft.

Colombian Warrior Spear Head

Item # UC3122
If you have found the perfect wooden handle but you still need a stunning blade to finish the weapon. off, then look no further than the Colombian Warrior Spear Head. Create your own personalized spear with this razor-sharp blade.

Long Practice Spear Head

Item # ZS-HS-7888
It is hardly safe to practice with a fully functional spear that is capable of piercing a boars hide. That is why we offer this Long Practice Spear Head, which when combined with a shaft makes for a great training tool in your arsenal.
$17.50 $15.75