Single Headed Axes

We carry a range of single headed axes here, including a variety of axes from different eras of history, different cultures, and for different uses. Whether you are seeking a Viking axe, a tomahawk, or a modern throwing axe, you will find it here. This category includes both decorative axes and functional axes, so you can find impressive display axes to hang in your home as well as functional axes that are ready to be used for reenactment or for rugged real world use. We carry a variety of bearded axes here as they would have appeared in different eras of history. We have Norse warrior axes as well as Frankish war axes, Danish axes, and other medieval European axe styles. You will also find modern day axes and tactical axes that are best suited for emergency situations, utility use, or preparing for a zombie apocalypse. If your weapon of choice is an axe, or you simply enjoy the features of one of our axes, why not browse through our entire selection of single headed axes?
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Decorative Medieval Axe

Item # ME-0111
Designed in the appearance of a 15th century battle axe that was predominantly used by cavalry, the Decorative Medieval Axe is a spectacular accent for the home or office to express your interest in medieval history.

Decorative Tomahawk Pipe

Item # MC-WC-24A
This Decorative Tomahawk Pipe is a combination of an Indian braves fighting axe and a shamanistic smoking pipe. Together with its pipe adornments and its decorative blade, this axe can be a point of pride for its owner.

Diamond Tomahawk Peace Pipe

Item # ZS-210955
The Algonquian Indians made tomahawks from stone, wood, and sinew. As the Europeans settled in North America, they traded or gifted metal blades to the natives. This Diamond Tomahawk Peace Pipe is inspired by those diplomatic gifts.

Dragon Viking Axe

Item # 600796
The Nordic warrior held his weapon in great reverence and often lavished them with elaborate decorations. Our example displays a Viking dragon knot work motif. This is the perfect size for one handed combat in with a shield.

Engraved Blade Tomahawk Axe

Item # NP-L-117
When you want to add a touch of the Wild West to your home or office, be sure to look at the Engraved Blade Tomahawk Axe. This bladed weapon is a great piece to display on a wall. You can use it accessorize a historical outfit.

Engraved Brass Pipe Tomahawk

Item # HW-700338
Tomahawks were a valued weapon among many Native American tribes. Celebrate that weapon by putting the Engraved Brass Pipe Tomahawk in a special place. Display it on a wall in your home or office. It adds a flair to any decor.

Erich Camp Small Hatchet

Item # MY100935
A woodsman or camper needs a great tool when they are out in the wilderness. The Erich Camp Small Hatchet is perfect for many jobs in the woods. Use it to chop up firewood or for other needs at camp that require a small hatchet.

Essential Viking Axe

Item # HW-700701
For many Viking warriors, an axe was the weapon of choice. The Essential Viking Axe is a hand forged functional weapon made in the style of ancient Norse battle axes, its short axe head securely fastened to a long wooden haft.

Fantasy Tomahawk Pipe Axe

Item # MC-WC-24F
Pipe axes have had a long history. They have even inspired fantasy versions like the Fantasy Tomahawk Pipe Axe. Add this pipe axe to your collection or home decor. It also makes a great accessory for a variety of roleplaying costumes.

Forged Viking Axe Head

Item # HW-700888
Sometimes you need a replacement axe head for your functional weapon or one for display. The Forged Viking Axe Head is a great item for these needs. Add this axe head to your collection or use it to replace a damage Dane axe head.

Francesca Axe

Item # 601027
Short-range throwing weapons are nothing new. They were around even in the 8th Century in the form of the French throwing axe. With the Francesca Axe, you can place history in your hand and feel what combat was like over a millennium ago.

Francisca Axe

Item # XH2120N
The Francisca, so named for its Frankish origins, was used by the Vikings both as a throwing weapon and for close-quarters combat. Its graceful lines are legendary and both the point and edge were capable of penetrating chain mail.