Single Headed Axes

We carry a range of single headed axes here, including a variety of axes from different eras of history, different cultures, and for different uses. Whether you are seeking a Viking axe, a tomahawk, or a modern throwing axe, you will find it here. This category includes both decorative axes and functional axes, so you can find impressive display axes to hang in your home as well as functional axes that are ready to be used for reenactment or for rugged real world use. We carry a variety of bearded axes here as they would have appeared in different eras of history. We have Norse warrior axes as well as Frankish war axes, Danish axes, and other medieval European axe styles. You will also find modern day axes and tactical axes that are best suited for emergency situations, utility use, or preparing for a zombie apocalypse. If your weapon of choice is an axe, or you simply enjoy the features of one of our axes, why not browse through our entire selection of single headed axes?
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Viking Throwing Axe

Item # XNH52
When the Franks went to war with the Romans, they would use a light axe like the Viking Throwing Axe against them in combat. Take this well-balanced axe to your next competition, throwing practice, or battle reenactment.

War Axe

Item # AH-4126
Axes have traditionally been used for a wide variety of purposes, being both a weapon and a tool. This War Axe, though, is less a tool and more a weapon of war, designed purely for use on the field of battle.

War Axe by Marto

Item # MA-8632S
Axes were a fairly common weapon during the Medieval Ages. The War Axe by Marto is a great decor piece to honor this medieval weapon.

Wire Handle Medieval Axe

Item # NP-L-15
Looking to increase the size of your collection? Any good armoury or weaponry display requires a proper polearm like the Wire Handle Medieval Axe. Hang this medieval polearm on a wall in your home or office space for a historical look.

Wood Grip Hand Hatchet

Item # MC-MT-600PK
Never underestimate something small, because it might be a weapon like this Wood Grip Hand Hatchet that saves your life, especially when you consider that any weapon is better than no weapon when faced with a hungry zombie.

Woodworker Axe

Item # CTK4052C15
You need to know that your axe can take strain and stress without a drop in performance. The Woodworker Axe can do just that, being a reliable and effective tool that any outdoorsman would gladly keep at their side.

Zombie Hunter Axe

Item # MC-ZB-AXE3R
When the army of the undead comes knocking at your door, make sure to take them out so you do not join them. Carry the Zombie Hunter Axe with you. This axe makes a great addition to any zombie hunters arsenal or weapon collection.

Viking Battle Axe

Item # ZS-882440
The Viking Battle Axe has an overall length of 27 inches with a 12.5 inch long blade. This Viking Battle Axe makes a great display piece in your home or can be used as a fantastic and realistic stage prop.

Bardiche Head

Item # MH-W0969
Create your own medieval weapon with the Bardiche Head. Great for the DIY inclined, this weapon component is ready for you to attach to a pole of your choosing. The bardiche was a popular weapon throughout historic Eastern Europe.