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Often used alongside a Main Gauche, or parrying dagger, rapiers play an important part in both Renaissance reenactments and modern fencing. This Practical Swept Hilt Rapier combines classic romantic design with modern practicality. Crafted from 1566 high carbon steel, this rapier features a tapered button tip for safe use. Both decorative and functional, the excellent balance of this rapier makes for a lightweight and swift fencing weapon. The swept hilt offers both classic Renaissance styling and protection for your sword hand, keeping opposing blades at bay. Ridges on the hilt make for a comfortable grip, while the steel pommel shines on the top. Any swordsman will be sure to love the Practical Swept Hilt Rapier for both its balanced functionality and its graceful and artistic style.

Key Features:

  • High carbon steel blade is functional
  • Blade features a button tip and a tapered edge
  • Rapier is excellently balanced for swift movement
  • Swept hilt offers both decorative appeal and protection
  • The perfect sidearm for a proper Renaissance gentleman


  • Overall Length: 43.5 Inches
  • Blade Length: 37 Inches
  • Weight: 2 lb. 3 oz.

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