Italian Swept Basket Hilt Rapier


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Availability: 1 in stock


The rapier, born of the 16th and 17th centuries, was a change in the sword that shifted from a focus on cutting to thrusting. This Italian Swept Basket Hilt Rapier demonstrates a long thrusting blade, as well as an ornate yet highly defensive hilt design. In essence, this sword is both beauty and weapon, possessing a fine sort of style in its swept hilt design, as well as a blade that emulates the early rapier style as a cut-and-thrust sword.

This rapier blade is made from EN45 high-carbon steel and features a long ricasso at the waist of the blade, as well as a diamond-shaped cross-section, which ensures that the blade is stiff and strong for powerful thrusting potential. The blade is also wider than later-era rapiers, ensuring that it is a sword for both thrusting and light cutting. The fancily styled hilt is done in the Italian swept hilt fashion, featuring ornate twists and turns, all in a nickel-plated finish for an appealingly rich gleam.

The hilt is capped off with a round pommel, and the rapier includes a leather scabbard with steel fittings, for safe-keeping. For a bit of flare, few swordsmen can resist the allure of a fine rapier, and this Italian Swept Basket Hilt Rapier does not disappoint as a richly detailed display piece, or a great sword to carry as a part of your musketeer, duelist, or swordmaster look.

Key Features:

  • Fully Functional
  • A Cut-and-Thrust Style Rapier Sword
  • Features a Hand Crafted Blade
  • Blade Features an Unsharpened Edge
  • Has an Ornate Swept Guard
  • Includes a Leather Scabbard


  • Blade is EN45 High-Carbon Steel
  • Guard is Brass with a Nickel-Plated Finish


  • Overall Length: 39.9 Inches
  • Blade Length: 33.75 Inches

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