Pirate Swords

Whether fighting another ship or bombarding a port town, a pirate needs a trustworthy blade at his side! The pirate swords that we offer at Buying a Sword include a variety of naval swords suitable for swashbucklers and sea captains of all kinds. These buccaneer swords come as hanger swords, boarding sabers, spadroons, privateer swords, officer swords, and pirate cutlasses, giving you plenty to choose from as you pick out your next weapon. We provide battle ready swords that you can use in training, as well as decorative swords that work great as pirate costume accessories and unique display pieces. Our sailor swords and captain swords offer great opportunity for anyone who prefers combat on the high seas. Transport yourself back to the Golden Age of Piracy by picking one of these high quality pirate sabers for your collection!
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Pirate Cutlass

Item # ED2050
No matter if you are a pirate or a sailor working for the crown, the Pirate Cutlass will serve you well in battle against the enemy.

Pirate Cutlass

Item # ZS-901110-SL
The shiny, silver tone guard of this Pirate Cutlass sweeps down and connects with the pommel, forming a D-guard shape to protect the wielders hand. With classical inspiration, this pirate sword is perfect for carrying and display.

Pirate Hanger Saber

Item # SH2375
Be prepared for plundering and pillaging by land and by sea with this Pirate Hanger Saber. This fully functional reenactment sword will give your buccaneer gear an authentic look as if you just stepped out of the Golden Age of Piracy!

Pirate Sword

Item # ZS-926710
This Pirate Sword is a great item for sword collectors and for display in your home or office. The overall length of the pirate sword is 29.5 inches, with a 24.5 inch blade. The blade of this sword is constructed from stainless steel.

Rustic Pirate Sword

Item # ZS-926914
The Rustic Pirate Sword looks like the weapon of a sea-worthy scallywag, trusted for battle after battle. Its slightly curved, sharply tapering blade is made of stainless steel with a darkened, weathered look and a lightened edge

Treasure Map Pirate Sword

Item # NP-L-5546
Ahoy, all pirates or those who love a touch of buccaneer style in their decor are sure to enjoy looking at and getting the Treasure Map Pirate Sword. This sword makes a great addition to any sea captain display or sword collection.

Wavy Basket Hilt Pirate Cutlass

Item # NP-L-5545
Be the envy of every swashbuckler with the Wavy Basket Hilt Pirate Cutlass at your side. This stylish pirate sword features a curved and widening stainless steel blade complemented by a uniquely gorgeous and protective basket hilt.