Sea Marauder Pirate Sword

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Availability: 9 in stock


Introducing the Sea Marauder Pirate Sword, a weapon that not only promises the spirit of adventure but also delivers unparalleled craftsmanship and functionality. Designed for those who appreciate the allure of the high seas and the legacy of seafaring rogues, this sword is a testament to the artistry and rugged elegance of pirate lore.

The Sea Marauder boasts a curved, wide, scimitar-style Damascus blade that whispers tales of conquests and battles on the tumultuous waves. The intricacy of the Damascus steel not only provides a visually stunning pattern reminiscent of flowing water but also ensures a blade of exceptional strength and durability.

The swords hilt is a masterpiece of protection and beauty. Featuring a short, S-shaped brass crossguard, it provides ample protection for the hand against sliding onto the blade during fierce combat. The wooden grip, adorned with black spacers at the ends, presents not only aesthetic appeal but ergonomic comfort. Its unique, concave curves along the bottom offer the wielder a more secure grip, making it an extension of ones arm rather than merely a tool of defense. The brass scrollwork inlay along the grip adds a touch of elegance to the sword, symbolizing the fine line between barbarity and sophistication that pirates navigated daily.

Crowning the hilt is a hooked brass pommel, completing the protective design of the sword and ensuring it stays firmly in hand even in the most demanding situations. This detailed attention to both functionality and aesthetic makes the Sea Marauder a coveted item for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

To safeguard your treasure, the Sea Marauder comes ensconced in a durable brown leather sheath. This sheath is not just for protection; it features a snap strap to securely hold your sword and a loop at the top, allowing for easy attachment to a ring belt or buckle belt. This means the Sea Marauder is always ready at your side, whether you are attending a Renaissance fair, heading to a costume party, or simply admiring it in your collection.

The Sea Marauder Pirate Sword is more than just a weapon; it is a piece of history, a work of art, and a symbol of the untamable spirit that defines the adventurer in all of us. Add this remarkable sword to your collection and carry with you the legacy of the sea marauders who ruled the waves.

Key Features:

  • Damascus Steel Blade: Known for its durability, flexibility, and distinctive pattern, the curved scimitar-style blade ensures both beauty and functionality.
  • Brass Crossguard: The S-shaped crossguard not only adds to the swords aesthetic but also provides enhanced protection for the wielders hand.
  • Ergonomic Wooden Grip: Designed for comfort and a secure hold, the grip features black spacers for an elegant appearance and concave curves for improved handling.
  • Brass Scrollwork Inlay: Adds a sophisticated touch to the sword, reflecting the intricate balance between elegance and the rugged life of a pirate.
  • Leather Sheath with Attachment Loop: Provides protection and convenience, featuring a snap strap for security and a loop for easy attachment to a belt.


  • Blade is Damascus steel
  • Handle is wood with brass inlay
  • Guard and pommel are brass
  • Sheath is leather


Overall LengthBlade LengthHandle Length
19 inches13 inches6 inches

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