Parrying Daggers

Whether you are a collector or a reenactor, Buying a Sword offers a variety of parrying daggers that are sure to interest you. We carry a variety of styles such as main gauches and sword breakers. They come in decorative and functional designs. The functional daggers work great for re-enacting your own battles. The decorative daggers look amazing on display. Display them in your home or office space. They make a truly unique accent. Also, these daggers make a great addition to any dagger collection. If you are searching for an amazing dagger, take a look at our parrying daggers. We have multiple options for you to choose from. Stop by and browse this great selection.

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Saxon Parrying Dagger

Item # SB3961
Parrying daggers gained popularity from the Middle Ages to the early Renaissance and often were used in conjunction with a single-handed sword. The Saxon Parrying Dagger recreates one of these historical weapons.

Italian Dagger by Cold Steel

Item # 07-88ITD
Whether you wield it alongside the matching Italian Long Sword (07-88ITS) or on its own, the Italian Dagger is a finely crafted weapon with a sharply tapered, double-edged blade made in the image of its larger companion piece.
$239.32 $191.45

Renaissance Era Main Gauche

Item # NP-H-2912
The main gauche came into use at the height of the use of rapiers. This Renaissance Era Main Gauche is a delightful representation of the daggers created to deflect thrust attacks from swords or as opportunistic offensive weapons.

Colichemarde Dagger by Cold Steel

Item # 07-88CLMD
Based on historic blades the emerged on the sword scene in the late 1600s, the Colichemarde Dagger is the companion to the matching Colichemarde Sword but serves well as a beautiful and high quality combat blade in its own right.
$251.89 $201.51

Wood Grip Main Gauche

Item # SH2117
In the art of fencing and sparring, a main gauche is a handy tool to have for blocking blows from an enemy blade. This Wood Grip Main Gauche features a classic design that will go perfectly with our Wood Grip Rapier (Item # SH1024).

Medieval Parrying Dagger

Item # NP-H-5909
In a sword fight, if you get the opportunity to prevent your enemy from attacking again soon, you should take it. More importantly, you should take it with the Medieval Parrying Dagger, which is designed to catch an enemies sword.