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Introducing the Medieval War Maul, a testament to the changing times of the Renaissance period, when steel-clad knights thundered across the battlefield. This piece is not merely a weapon, it is a bridge to the past, echoing the clangor of steel on steel and the changes in medieval warfare that gave way to more armor-piercing weapons.

A Tribute to Renaissance Majesty

Charge into the battlefields of heavy steel with pride as you wield this war maul. Chosen for its superior strength and resilience, this steel maul commands attention to its handling, functionality, and hand crafted design.

Forged for exceptional strength, this medieval maul ensures powerful strikes when fighting on the battlefield. Additionally, this steel war maul embodies the spirit of Renaissance design, a unique and stylish look for any reenactment kit.

Furthermore, this functional design allows the user to fight in epic heavy steel battles with confidence, but remember to use with extreme caution. Moreover, this medieval war hammer features a teak wood handle, guaranteeing a sturdy and ergonomic grip.

Not to mention, the wood handle is fastened to the head with steel rivets to anchor the weapon and ensure structural integrity mid-battle. Notably, it can also be ideal for historical reenactments, providing a functional asset that is a medieval collector’s dream.

Unyielding in Battle

This Renaissance steel pick, known for its ability to penetrate full plate armor, works highly effectively. It demands utmost care and respect for its capabilities. To clarify, this Renaissance war hammer can inflict serious damage to your opponent, and it is recommended for a pre-battle check when participating in any HMB event.

Mercenaries like the Italian Condottieriinspired the creation of this ravensbeak maul, designed to deliver crushing force and penetrate armor.

An Icon of Chivalry

Whether displayed as a collection centerpiece, used in reenactment, or held as a symbol of knightly valor, this steel war maul is a piece that will command attention in most spaces. Not to mention, stylish intersecting lines across the hammer’s face embody the relationship between the ornate decoration and melee brutality of the Renaissance.

Furthermore, the iconic medieval design will turn heads when your vassals come to visit, standing out while adorning your collection. With this piece of history, you can rest it on your favorite weapon rack, let it stand on its own in your private space, or hang it on your wall to fill any space with remnants of clashing steel and roaring battles.

Key Features:

  • Reliable for Heavy Steel Battles: Built to endure heavy steel battles, this medieval maul features unparalleled strength and durability.
  • Comfortable and Stylish Grip: Feel the power with every swing wielding the comfortable and secure wooden handle.
  • Effective Against Armor: One should wield this crowsbeak maul with caution on the battlefield.
  • Genuine Medieval Look: This weapon is a piece of history as much as it is a functional tool for battle.


  • Hammer and beak head made of carbon steel
  • Handle made of teak wood


  • Overall Length: 27 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

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