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Buying a Sword has swords of all kinds, including those for LARP. We have in incredible selection of LARP swords to choose from, ranging from historical to fantastic in their inspiration, and in styles to suit any kind of fighter. These high quality LARP weapons are typically made of a shred resistant foam for safe use on the LARP battlefield. And if your character takes inspiration from medieval, Renaissance, Greek, pirate, or Viking history, we have a LARP sword that will match. LARP is not limited to the realms of reality, so we offer many fantasy LARP sword styles as well. Shop medieval knight LARP swords and elven LARP swords as well as LARP swords based on the weapons used by favorite characters in movies like Lord of the Rings and shows like Game of Thrones.
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Adventurer LARP Sword

Item # MCI-2035
It was an opportunity of a lifetime, or so your partner said, to earn coffers full of gold and build a legendary reputation. You remind yourself of this, while saving your friend from a horde of orcs with the Adventurer LARP Sword.

Adventurers LARP Short Sword

Item # MY101201
The Citadel gave you an important and dangerous quest. You take the request and carry the Adventurers LARP Short Sword with you to protect yourself. It is fantastic for various events such as LARP battles and cosplay conventions.

Allfather LARP Short Sword

Item # MY101191
Before you head into battle, brave warrior, ensure that you have gained the favor of the gods. Wield the Allfather LARP Short Sword in Odins name. It works wonderfully for a variety of events, including LARP battles and faires.

Angelic LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3287
For holy warriors and those pure of heart, the Angelic LARP Sword is a worthy weapon. This fantasy LARP sword is made of Epic Foam in a latex-free construction, perfect for paladins, crusaders, and other divinely inspired fighters.

Apprentice LARP Long Sword

Item # MY101205
Your mentor has handed you the Apprentice LARP Long Sword as a sign of your tutelage. You take the sword proudly. Behind you, your friends cheer. This foam sword works wonderfully for LARP events as well as cosplay conventions.

Arcane Warcaster LARP Sword

Item # NP-G-L24
Ornamented with a large red gem in the center of the bat shaped guard, this Arcane Warcaster LARP Sword can act as an enchanters focus or a melee weapon. This gothic foam sword also makes a fantastic addition to any cosplay ensemble.

Arming LARP Sword - Gold - 105 cm

Item # MCI-3682
Do not forget the experiences that have brought you to the battle before you. You expertly wield the Gold Arming LARP Sword in defense of the kingdom. This foam arming sword makes a great blade for a LARP battle or cosplay convention.

Arming LARP Sword - Gold - 87 cm

Item # MCI-3670
You stand in the shadows, protecting the king. Few are aware of your presence until it is too late. Wield the Gold Arming LARP Sword against an enemy. This foam arming sword makes a great blade for a LARP battle or cosplay convention.

Arming LARP Sword - Steel - 105 cm

Item # MCI-3681
The lords know it is not wise to forget to pay a skilled mercenary such as yourself, especially when you wield weapon like the Steel Arming LARP Sword. This arming sword makes a great blade for a LARP battle or cosplay convention.

Arming LARP Sword - Steel - 87 cm

Item # MCI-3669
No matter if you are an assassin, rogue, or foot soldier, you should have a durable weapon at your side. Be sure to wield the Steel Arming LARP Sword. This foam arming sword makes a great blade for a LARP battle or cosplay convention.

Assassin Sword - Special Edition

Item # MCI-2031
When a poison fails to take effect, or a dagger misses its mark, the Assassin Sword - Special Edition assists in cutting down the target quickly and efficiently. Wherever a LARP mission may take you, keep this sword at your side.

Baen Si II LARP Sword

Item # CL-190
Orcs are ruthless warriors, and they frequently loot their defeated foes for their weapons. Deep within their mountains, the Baen Si II LARP Sword has been stripped down and made to fit the big, strong hands of these savage fighters.