LARP Hammers

A great LARP weapon for making an impact on the battlefield, our LARP hammers at Buying a Sword come in a range of intimidating designs. These foam latex hammers are tested and balanced for combat, making them the perfect choice for a number of different character types. We carry a number of medieval LARP warhammers and LARP fantasy hammers that have superb appearances and eye-catching detail. All of our LARP weapons are crafted with durability in mind. Many of them are virtually maintenance free, while being made to withstand many temperatures and types of weather. While safety will always remain a concern in battle, these LARP war hammers offer the most reliable experience possible with their flexible cores, Kevlar tip protection, and quality latex coatings. Transform yourself into an impressive enemy at your next battle by outfitting yourself with these excellent role-playing hammers!
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LARP War Mallet

Item # MCI-3200
Wield the LARP War Mallet in battle for the ultimate in massive, crushing blows. Formidable and devastating, this LARP weapon has been expertly crafted to make it safe, easy, and satisfying to use for live action roleplay combat.

Long Dorgen LARP Dwarf Hammer

Item # CL-255
An epic looking weapon, the Long Dorgen LARP Dwarf Hammer is sure to strike fear in the hearts of all who stand in your way. Perfect for dwarven characters, this hammer also suits brutes like Trolls, barbarians, and other monsters.

Lonnars LARP Hammer

Item # CL-300
Astonish allies and opponents alike when you wield Lonnars LARP Hammer. This fantasy LARP war hammer has a pair of impressively detailed, steel colored ram heads as its double-sided head, accented with golden Celtic knotwork.

Medieval Warhammer

Item # MCI-2054
Our Medieval Warhammer is made from durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with latex. Safety is always an issue in LARP, which is why these have a round flexible fiberglass core with strong Kevlar core tip protection.

Percefer the LARP Warhammer

Item # CL-164
Almost any character type can find a use for Percefer the LARP Warhammer, whether for offense or defense. This foam LARP hammer has a steel-colored head with gold details for a striking realism, while the handle is wooden in appearance.

Regal Lion LARP War Hammer

Item # NP-G-L30
A crushing weapon for blacksmiths, dwarves, trolls, and ogres, the Regal Lion LARP War Hammer has a lethal design for any roleplaying campaign. This medieval foam hammer also makes a stunning addition to any cosplay ensemble.
$55.50 $38.85

Spiked LARP Warhammer

Item # NP-G-L08
Crowned with three large gold spikes across the top, this Spiked LARP Warhammer will rule the battlefield. A double ended gold arrow decorates the side of the head, while the handle displays gold accents and a cord wrapped grip.