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Step into the realm of fantasy and adventure with the mighty Dorgen II LARP Hammer, a masterwork of craftsmanship and design, tailored for the most discerning LARP warriors. Forged from the dreams of ancient gods and modern craft, this unparalleled weapon combines unwavering durability with an aesthetic so authentic, you will feel the ancient power coursing with each swing.

At the heart of the Dorgen II LARP Hammer lies its robust fiberglass core rod, ensuring unmatched stability and balance in the heat of battle. This mighty core is encased in a latex-free foam that not only promises longevity but also safety on the field, allowing you to immerse in your character without holding back. The days of worrying about your LARP gear are over; with Dorgen II, engage in epic quests and fierce combat with full confidence in your hammers resilience.

But the Dorgen II is not just a weapon; it is a piece of art. The hammer boasts a head adorned with Futhark runes and the mystic triquetra, imbuing it with an aura of ancient magic and wisdom. Ruby red accents catch the light, signaling your prowess and status among allies and foes alike. The illusion of a wooden handle, combined with the luxurious appearance of black leather wrapping, enhances its majestic look, making it not just a functional tool but a symbol of power and dignity on the battlefield.

The intricacy of the Dorgen IIs design extends to the silver grip accents, where elaborate knotwork detailing whispers stories of old, beckoning tales of valor and conquest. This exquisite detailing not only adds to the authenticity of your LARP experience but also grips you in comfort and style, ensuring that every maneuver is executed with precision and grace.

The Dorgen II LARP Hammer is more than just a weapon; it is a testament to the warriors spirit, a beacon for those who dare to dream and explore lands both ancient and unknown. Whether you are fending off dark forces or standing shoulder to shoulder with your brethren, the Dorgen II offers the perfect blend of reliability, aesthetics, and storytelling, elevating your LARP adventures to legendary status. Seize this hammer, and forge your legacy.

Key Features:

  • Latex-Free Foam Construction: Guarantees both longevity and safety, allowing warriors to fully immerse in their roles without compromise.
  • Striking Design: The hammers head is intricately adorned with Futhark runes and the triquetra, signifying ancient magic and wisdom, complemented by ruby red accents for a distinguishing look.
  • Realistic Appearance: Mimicking the look of a wooden handle wrapped in luxurious black leather, offering both aesthetic appeal and comfortable grip.
  • Elaborate Detailing: Silver grips knotwork detailing not only adds to the weapons authenticity but also enhances grip comfort, allowing precise and graceful movements.
  • Storytelling Element: Every aspect of the Dorgen II is designed to elevate the LARP experience, imbuing it with tales of valor and conquest, and encouraging warriors to forge their own legends.


  • Made from durable, latex-free foam
  • Core is made of fiberglass


  • Overall Length: 32.3 Inches
  • Weight: 1 Pound 11.3 Ounces

Measurements are approximate.

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