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Epic Armoury specializes in live action roleplaying gear perfect for new and experienced LARPers. Buying a Sword carries a great selection of Epic Armoury weapons, crafted from their durable foam latex with strong cores and Kevlar tips to allow pieces to withstand years of battle. These detailed LARP weapons come in a range of designs from medieval to fantasy, ensuring that you can find the perfect piece to suit your character. These foam latex weapons include LARP swords, LARP daggers, LARP war hammers, LARP battle axes, LARP maces, and LARP polearms of various kinds. In addition to being used in LARP combat, these roleplaying weapons work great for stage fighting, offering a safer experience than metal or wooden weapons without losing anything in terms of appearance. With their economical prices, these high quality Epic Armoury LARP weapons make great picks for your next event!

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Royal Elf LARP Sword - 100 cm

Item # MCI-3474
For the noblest of elven warriors, the forest offers up a weapon of intricate beauty and deadly might. The Royal Elf LARP sword is a hybrid LARP weapon with a soft, latex-coated foam blade and an ornate hilt made of polyurethane.

Royal Elf LARP Sword - 60 cm

Item # MCI-3473
The Royal Elf LARP Sword is befitting of an elven noble or prince. This hybrid LARP weapon has a latex foam blade and a polyurethane foam cast hilt, allowing for impressive detail and durability as well as a great level of safety.

Rugged LARP Tanto

Item # MCI-3646
Far easier to conceal than a katana or wakizashi, a small blade like the Rugged LARP Tanto makes a perfect companion for rogue or mercenary. Wield this blade at your next roleplaying battle, cosplay event, or theatrical production.

Samurai Legend LARP Katana

Item # MCI-3186
The blade of a Japanese sword must be sharp enough to slice effortlessly through a silk sheet. It moves gracefully with its wielder. The Samurai Legend LARP Katana is a suitable weapon for the ninja assassin or samurai warrior.

Scout LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3297
Explore paths unknown with the Scout LARP Sword at your side. Be ready for anything with this foam blade in hand. With an innovative, latex free construction, this Stronghold sword draws its inspiration from Nordic swords of old.

Shadow Blade LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3406
Feared for its deadly and gruesome origins, the Shadow Blade LARP Sword epitomizes the ruthlessness of the Dark Elves. The perfect weapon for a master assassin, legend says lives were taken in order to make this dark LARP blade.

Short Elf LARP Axe

Item # MCI-3484
A short axe is perfect for cleaving and slicing even at short range. The Short Elf LARP Axe has a highly versatile and easy to maneuver size with just enough elegance in its design to set it apart as the weapon of an elven warrior.

Short Hand Axe

Item # MCI-2048
Our LARP Short Hand Axe is made from extremely durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with latex. Safety is always an issue in LARP, which is why these have a round flexible fiberglass core with strong Kevlar core tip protection.

Short LARP Mace

Item # MCI-3485
Deal out powerful blows made safe for LARP combat when you wield the Short LARP Mace. Modeled after a medieval mace, this LARP weapon has an intimidating, realistic look made safe through its shred resistant latex foam construction.

Short LARP Orc Cleaver

Item # MCI-3633
You stalk towards the enemy camp. You hold the Short LARP Orc Cleaver tightly in your hand. Victory shall be won this morn by your powerful forces. Carry this foam sword with you into your next LARP battle or roleplaying event.

Short LARP Shadow Blade

Item # MCI-3648
The foolish guards were asleep. You are able to sneak into the castle with the Short LARP Shadow Blade. Now no one can stop you from your evil task. Wield this weapon at your next LARP battle, cosplay event, or theatrical production.

Single Bladed LARP Long Axe

Item # MCI-3649
Whether you stand guard at the towns gate or you fight as part of a barbarian army, ensure that you have a weapon like the Single Bladed LARP Long Axe. Wield it at your next LARP battle, cosplay event, or theatrical production.