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The Decorative Swords category here at Buying a Sword contains every ornamental sword available on the site. These collectible weapons are crafted with attention to detail by top manufacturers like Marto, Art Gladius, and Denix, often featuring precious metals, gems, engraving, sculpted handles, and other embellishments that make them ideal for display. A number of these excellent decorative blades are licensed swords, including a number of designs from Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Conan the Barbarian, the Legend of Zelda, and other popular media. These ornamental blades come in many styles, including ceremonial sabers, fantasy swords, gladiator swords, musketeer rapiers, Scottish claymores, pirate cutlasses, Excalibur replicas, Egyptian khopeshes, and many more. Whether you want a costume sword for a re-enactment or performance or fantastic display sword for your home decor or wedding, you can find a large number of options here at Buying a Sword!
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Bronze Tai Chi Sword

Item # MC-JS-106
Fierce are the warriors who defend the village near the mountain. The leader steps forward, brandishing his Bronze Tai Chi Sword as the mounted barbarians draw up, the harvest flattened beneath the hooves of their shaggy horses.

Brown Bamboo Shirasaya Sword

Item # MC-JL-011
You pass a small caravan of merchants. It seems that some nearby bandits have underestimated you as you unsheathe the Dark Green Bamboo Shirasaya Sword. This stainless-steel blade makes a great addition to any sword collection or display.

Bushido Katana with Display Stand

Item # MC-SW-315
While you are a samurai of great strength and power, you do not forget the code of behavior as the Bushido Katana with Display Stand reminds you. This sword adds an elegant touch to any decor. Display it in your home or office.

Caesura Kingkiller Sword

Item # Game-26
Just because you are a poet, that does not make you incompetent. With the Caesura Kingkiller Sword, you can wield the same weapon as the musician-adventurer Kvothe from The Kingkiller Chronicle, emulating his power and determination.

Caribbean Pirate Cutlass

Item # NP-L-5544
Let the other scallywags know what is up when you show off the Caribbean Pirate Cutlass. State your claim as captain of the sea with this historically inspired pirate sword. The stainless steel blade curves and widens near its point.

Carlos V Sword

Item # SA3104
Emperor Charles V was Holy Roman Emperor from 1519 to his abdication in 1556. He was also King of Aragon and Castile as Charles I. This decorative Sword of Carlos V offers superior finish and quality design.

Carved Dragon Black Saya Katana

Item # NP-K-0021-1-DG-BK
If you are wanting to add a bit of dragon style to your Japanese weapon collection, be sure to take a look at the Carved Dragon Black Saya Katana. This decorative sword makes a great addition to any sword collection or decor.

Carved Dragon Blue Saya Katana

Item # NP-K-0021-1-DG-BL
Are you wanting to add some fantasy or dragon style to your weaponry collection? Then be sure to take a look at the Carved Dragon Blue Saya Katana. This decorative sword makes a great addition to any sword collection or decor.

Carved Dragon Red Saya Katana

Item # NP-K-0021-1-DG-RD
Be sure to add the power and magical look of a dragon to your weaponry collection by displaying the Carved Dragon Red Saya Katana in your decor. This decorative sword makes a great addition to any sword collection or decor.

Catholic Kings Sword

Item # 501451
Catholic kings ruled the medieval age in Europe and into the Renaissance. Commemorate this long and interesting history with the Catholic Kings Sword. This detailed sword makes a great decor piece, costume accessory, or collectible.

Centurion Gladius

Item # MC-HK-708
The centurion was the professional officer of the Roman legion. Commanding roughly 80-100 men, a centurion was expected to be the best soldier among them, wielding his Centurion Gladius with dexterity and skill, leading by example.

Charlemagne Sword

Item # SA3209
The great emperor Charlemagne was an important figure in the Early Middle Ages. The Charlemagne Sword recalls that mighty warrior in a decorative sword. Put this sword on display in your home or make it a centerpiece in a collection.