Medieval Fantasy Arrow Sword

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Availability: 11 in stock

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Inspired not by the blades from history, but instead from the fantastic appeal of fiction, this Medieval Fantasy Arrow Sword is truly distinctive. Its uniquely shaped blade sets it apart.

Made from stainless steel, this blade features a deep, central fuller down its length, as well as a distinctive shape that features a flared tip that widens like the point of a broad-head arrow. The blade is widest near the point and near the guard, while a gentle curve draws the waist of the blade in near the center. A duo of rounded cut-outs near the base of the blade adds a secondary element of style.

The cast metal guard is gold in color with studded accents, as well as 90 degree quillons that angle towards the sectioned wood hilt. A brass-gold metallic ring divides the two-handed hilt. This fantasy sword can also be wielded one-handed. Studs decorate the matching round scent-stopper pommel.

The sword comes with a black leather sheath for storing and protecting the blade when not on display. Sometimes, a unique blade is a sign of a warriors skill, and such can be the case when it comes to this Medieval Fantasy Arrow Sword. Carry it at fairs with a sword frog or display it in your home as a trophy of your conquests using one of our sword display stands!

Key Features:

  • Blade has unique arrow shape and cut-outs
  • Guard, handle accent, and pommel have a brass finish
  • Guard arms angle dramatically towards the handle
  • Can be wielded one- or two-handed
  • Includes a black sheath for easy storage
  • Great for costuming, collecting, and display


  • Blade made of stainless steel
  • Hilt made of wood with cast metal accents
  • Sheath made of leather


  • Overall Length: 31.25 Inches

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