Live action roleplayers who want impressive LARP weapons in a variety of styles are certain to find multiple items to add to their wish lists here in the Calimacil brand. Buying a Sword provides a large assortment of superb LARP weapons crafted with Calimacils durable foam latex, hybrid carbon and fiberglass cores, and injection mold processing. These foam latex weapons come in medieval, Viking, fantasy, and oriental styles, among others. Calimacil produces excellent LARP swords, LARP axes, LARP halberds, LARP daggers, LARP maces, and more to ensure that you will have the proper weapon to suit your character. Their LARP swords include designs like rapiers, bastard swords, sabers, katana, scimitars, and beyond, giving you as many options as you can imagine. Calimacil products are virtually maintenance free, weather resistant, and allergen free. Their reliable construction makes them a safe and durable option for going into a LARP battle!
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LARP Combat Hatchet

Item # CL-252
Compact and easy to handle, this fearsome weapon makes a perfect accessory for any warrior costume. Perfectly suited for throwing or for use in close combat, the LARP Combat Hatchet is made from hard-wearing and lightweight foam.

LARP Geralt's Hunting Knife

Item # CL-102
Regardless of what monsters you may face, you are always ready to defeat them without fear. Take your trophies with the LARP Geralts Hunting Knife. It looks great with a variety of characters at a LARP battle or cosplay convention.

LARP Geralt's Silver Sword

Item # CL-133
Any monster knows to avoid a Witcher. Whether you hunt monsters or simply like the fantasy aesthetic, be sure to look at the LARP Geralts Silver Sword. This foam sword looks great at a LARP battle, cosplay event, or convention.

LARP Geralt's Steel Sword

Item # CL-P001HB
For those who wish to become as great a monster hunter as Geralt, the LARP Geralts Steel Sword shall help you on your next adventure or monster hunt. Wield this LARP sword, made with Calimacil foam, at your next battle or cosplay.

LARP Hand and a Half Stark Sword

Item # CL-175
Inspired by the sword of Robb Stark, the LARP Hand and a Half Stark Sword is an incredible weapon for any LARP warrior who seeks a superbly versatile weapon with which to conquer their foes in their next battle.

LARP Naginata

Item # CL-106
The enemy comes ever closer to you. You will not flinch from them as you fearlessly attack. You will emerge victorious in battle with the LARP Naginata. Wield this Japanese weapon at a LARP battle, cosplay convention, and more.

LARP Niobe's Sword

Item # CL-108
On a grand quest, you are sure to come across a variety of dangers and obstacles. Protect yourself with the LARP Niobes Sword against an enemy attack. This foam fantasy sword is great for LARP battles, cosplay conventions, and more.

LARP Polearm Scimitar

Item # CL-110
As general, you ensure that your men receive rigorous training just like you. In battle, you are often victorious with the LARP Polearm Scimitar. Carry this foam polearm into your next LARP battle, cosplay convention, and more.

LARP Sword of the North

Item # CL-169
Inspired by the hit fantasy show, Game of Thrones, the LARP Sword of the North is emulates the sword which Robb Stark wields in his attempted conquest of the 7 Kingdoms and rescuing of his beloved father, Lord Eddard Stark.

Long Dorgen LARP Dwarf Hammer

Item # CL-255
An epic looking weapon, the Long Dorgen LARP Dwarf Hammer is sure to strike fear in the hearts of all who stand in your way. Perfect for dwarven characters, this hammer also suits brutes like Trolls, barbarians, and other monsters.

Long Hersir Viking LARP Sword

Item # CL-276
Take charge of the battle with the Long Hersir Viking LARP Sword. This latex-free LARP weapon has impressive detailing and durability fit for a Viking commander. Elegant Celtic knotwork and Norse carvings accent the blade and hilt.

Lonnars LARP Hammer

Item # CL-300
Astonish allies and opponents alike when you wield Lonnars LARP Hammer. This fantasy LARP war hammer has a pair of impressively detailed, steel colored ram heads as its double-sided head, accented with golden Celtic knotwork.