Zugaikotsu Honsanmai Shinken


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Make sure to check out the Zugaikotsu Honsanmai Shinken if you are in need of a steel sword to practice your sword skills. Handforged from 1095 high-carbon steel, this sword features a curved, single-edged blade typical of Japanese swords. The cross-section of the blade has a bevel that seperates the main-section of the blade and the edge. This sword blade features a medium-length tip, called a chu-kissaki. In addition, the clay-tempered blade features a medium-width, straight temper line, called a chu-suguha hamon. A temper line runs horizontally along the blades length.

The functional sword continues with a brass blade collar, called a habaki. Carved lines run diagonally on the habaki. The hilt has a skull-shaped tsuba. This skull pattern, or Zugaikotsu, continues onto the hilt collar, end piece of the collar, and two hilt decorations called menukis. Next, the sword has a wrapped grip. Black silk wraps around the white stingray skin.

The Zugaikotsu Honsanmai Shinken comes with a light-colored wooden scabbard, or saya. The scabbard also has a wrapping at the top. Finally, this sword comes with a certificate of authenticity and a gray embroidered silk sword bag. Shinkens like the Zugaikotsu Honsanmai Shinken are ideal for swordsmen who head to the dojo often, especially for iaido, a Japanese martial art.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional for battle
  • Curved blade with visible temper line
  • Skull or zugaikotsu motif
  • Comes with a black scabbard
  • Includes a sword bag and certificate of authenticity


  • Blade is 1095 high-carbon steel
  • Habaki is brass
  • Grip has silk over stingray skin
  • Scabbard and handle are hardwood


  • Overall Length: 40.6 Inches
  • Blade Length: 27.9 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

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