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The knights of medieval Europe were no strangers to training with mimicry weapons. Indeed, a young man could spend fourteen years of life training with weapons like this Wooden Short Sword before he became a fully-fledged knight. And as a man of war, a knight had to take it upon himself to master not only his typical sword and shield, but also any weapon he could expect to wield on the field of battle – longswords, maces, halberds, and even short swords, for the frantic, fast-paced, close-ranged skirmishes, in which a longsword was far too unwieldy. This wooden weapon is simple but effective. The blade has a wide but shallow fuller to lighten the wood, just like a real blade might possess, with an adequately formed guard, grip, and pommel all to mimic a real short sword. No knight could rightly neglect his training and doubly so in his informative years as a squire, which meant that any modern-day squire or knight should spend some time getting as familiar with a Wooden Short Sword as they should with a real one.

Please be aware that the wood construction can have differing wood tones then what is pictured above.

Key Features:

  • All Wood Construction
  • Great for Training
  • Blade has a Shallow Fuller


  • Overall Height: 17.25 Inches

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