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Warrior, you face the enemy on the battlefield with bravery and courage. You carry the Wooden Grip Greek Kopis with you into combat. Made from EN45 high carbon steel, this sword has a curved, single-edged blade. It has a curved edge and a fuller that runs down the length of the blade near the spine. Next, the sword has a steel crossguard. The crossguard extends to protect the users hand on the edge side of the hilt.

The hilt has a wooden grip. Rivets secure the wood to the thick, full length tang. Near the end, the grip has a beak-like curve on the edge side of the hilt. This curve helps to keep the users hand from sliding off of the grip. Finally, this Greek sword comes with a leather sheath. The sheath has an inverted scalloped top edge. Rivets attach the sheath to a shoulder strap. This Greek sword looks great being wielded by any Spartan or Athenian. You can also put the Wooden Grip Greek Kopis on display in your home or office space.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Features a curved, single-edged blade
  • Has an extended guard to protect the hand
  • Comes with a scabbard with a shoulder strap
  • Great for reenactments and more


  • Made from EN45 high carbon steel
  • Hilt is wood
  • Scabbard is leather


  • Overall Length: 22.6 Inches
  • Blade Length: 17.3 Inches
  • Weight: 21.6 Ounces

Measurements are approximate.

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