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Utterly practical and easy to use with just the right amount of detail, the Universal LARP Sword Frog stands out as an awesome way to keep your favorite Ateliers Nemesis sword at your side. This open scabbard is a must-have for any sword-wielding LARPer.

Sword Frog Construction:

Handcrafted from 8-9 ounce leather, the body of the scabbard is a long tube with wide openings on both ends. Inside, the frog is lined with soft velvet to thus avoid friction that may damage a LARP sword blade.

Two belt loops carry the sword frog and help attach it to your favorite medieval belt. The front loop has an adjustable length for changing up the height at which your sword will hang when worn. The two loops have different lengths, so they will hold your LARP sword at an angle.

The belt loop straps then attach to the frog with O-rings, which help the sword holder move a bit more naturally with your body. This helps for a more intuitive draw. This LARP scabbard is ambidextrous, so it can be worn on either side of the body and works for both left- and right-hand draws.

The top and bottom edges of the sword frog tube each have a thin band of leather with laser engraved filigree designs. This adds just enough detail to the piece. This Ateliers Nemesis sword frog thus works for just about any kind of character, from scrappy adventurers to noble knights and beyond.

Choose from black or brown for the color of the sword frog base tube. The laser-engraved accents and belt loops are black for both color options. Finally, antique brass tone hardware helps ensure a historical inspired look that will match any medieval or fantasy character or setting.

Keep your sword ready no matter what adventure has in store. The super versatile Universal LARP Sword Frog is ready to help you keep your favorite blade practically, safely, and stylishly at your side.

Pairs Well With:

While the Universal LARP Sword is designed to fit a wide range of LARP swords, it is especially suited to these specific swords from the Nemesis Atelier Athena and Artisans Elite sword lines:

  • Weapons Master’s LARP Swords #AN-0005 and #AN-0006
  • Soldier’s LARP Swords #AN-0002 and #AN-0001
  • Musketeer’s LARP Swords #AN-0003 and #AN-0004
  • Japanese LARP Katanas #AN-0014 and #AN-0013
  • Viking’s LARP Swords #AN-0011 and #AN-0012
  • Wizard’s LARP Swords #AN-0007 and #AN-0008
  • Strategist’s LARP Daos #AN-0009 and AN-0010
  • Knight’s LARP Swords #AN-0052, #AN-0051, #AN-0056, #AN-0057, #AN-0054, and #AN-0053
  • Templar’s LARP Swords #AN-0071, #AN-0070, #AN-0066, #AN-0068, #AN-0067, and #AN-0069
  • Noble’s LARP Swords #AN-0061, #AN-0058, #AN-0059, #AN-0062, #AN-0055, and #AN-0060
  • Rose LARP Rapier #AN-0072
  • Kriegsmesser LARP Swords #AN-0081 and #AN-0082
  • Elven LARP Swords #AN-0064, #AN-0065, and #AN-0063
  • Assassins LARP Long Sword #AN-0079
  • Sapphire and Ruby Gemstreak LARP Swords #AN-0083, #AN-0074, #AN-0075, #AN-0073, #AN-0078, #AN-0077, #AN-0076
  • Kaos LARP Long Sword #AN-0080

Made by Nemesis Workshops INC.

Key Features:

  • Choose from black or brown
  • Ambidextrous design can be worn on either side
  • Holds sword at an angle for an intuitive draw
  • Laser engraving adds the right amount of detail
  • Inner lining protects foam blades
  • Must-have for any sword-wielding LARPer


  • Made of 8-9 ounce leather with velvet lining

Care Instructions:

  • Remove dirt with a hard brush, then gently clean with leather soap and a soft, damp cloth. Remove soap with a separate damp cloth, then use a dry cloth to wipe away remaining water. Let dry naturally. Condition with oil or polish, then wipe with a final cloth to remove excess residue.


  • Overall Length: 12 Inches
  • Weight: 0.8 Pound

Measurements are approximate.

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