Training Weapons

Here you will find all of our training weapons. This includes all types of weapons and training weapons made of both synthetic materials and wood. Our synthetic training weapons are typically made of sturdy polypropylene and duplicate the appearance, weight, and feel of various historical weapons, providing a great practice experience as you hone your skills. Wooden practice weapons are also a great choice, and we carry many in a variety of historical styles. Shop here for synthetic samurai swords, polypropylene knight swords, and synthetic gladius swords as well as wooden Excalibur swords, wooden tanto, bamboo kendo swords, and bokken. If you have a need for a training weapon or weapon without a metal blade, this is the place to shop!
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Medieval Training Dagger

Item # 07-92RDAGZ
$16.19 $12.95

Medieval Training Dagger by Cold Steel

Item # 07-92BKD
If your ultimate goal is to wield a sharp blade safely and effectively, you need to train with a weapon with the size, feel, and heft of a live blade without the associated dangers. The Medieval Training Dagger provides a solution.
$31.19 $24.95

Medieval Training Sword by Cold Steel

Item # 07-92BKS
Made of the heaviest grade polypropylene available, the Medieval Training Sword replicates the look of a real sword without the dangers associated with a sharp blade. This synthetic training weapon is ideal for practice combat.
$54.94 $43.95

Mini Koga Self Defense Tool by Cold Steel

Item # 07-91MK
Made of virtually unbreakable plastic, the Mini Koga Self Defense Tool increases the ability of a person to defend himself several times over. With proper training, it aids in leverage when obtaining joint locks or submission holds.
$13.69 $10.95

Miniature Wooden Excalibur Sword

Item # ZS-926773
Excalibur is not just for adults, not any more. This Miniature Wooden Excalibur Sword takes the shape of the legendary sword and shrinks it down, creating a child-sized sword or an adult-sized dagger for an enthusiast to enjoy.
$10.00 $9.00

Natural Red Oak Daito Sword

Item # MC-1802
If you are looking to perfect your skills in the art of kenjutsu or kendo, then you are going to need a good training weapon, and there is none better or more authentic than this Natural Red Oak Daito Sword.

Natural Wood Bokken Sword

Item # MC-1806
Bokken have been used for years in martial arts. They are highly efficient for training, given the ease of which a bokken can be replaced. This Natural Wood Bokken Sword is a sturdy, effective piece to use for training.

Natural Wood Daito Sword

Item # MC-C1802
The original training weapon of the samurai was, of course, the bokken - the original wooden sword. And it is easy to see why, given that most bokkens replicate a katana. The same is true with our Natural Wood Daito Sword.

O Tanto Bokken by Cold Steel

Item # 07-92BKT
Hundreds of years ago, the Japanese discovered a simple truth - that to become a good swordsman you will have to practice a great deal. Hone your skills and practice new techniques in safety using the O Tanto Bokken by Cold Steel.
$33.64 $26.91

Oriental Cleaver Training Sword

Item # MC-E476-PP
Safely battle all sorts of enemies with the Oriental Cleaver Training Sword. Constructed from polypropylene, this practice sword is durable, perfectly weighted and has fantastic balance.

Ornate Synthetic Chinese Broadsword

Item # MC-E474-PP
The dao is one of the four great weapons in Chinese lore, possessed of a versatile design that makes it a weapon to be feared. Now, thanks to this Ornate Synthetic Chinese Broadsword, you can hone your skills with this weapon.

Polypropylene Bokken Training Sword

Item # NP-GT52
Any great sword master must practice their sword skills very regularly. Ensure that you keep practicing with the Polypropylene Bokken Training Sword. This synthetic sword makes a great addition to any sword practitioners armoury.